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Sarah Breen

Sarah Breen

Current student, Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws

“Be that annoying person who asks a million questions! This could save you lots of time...”


Due to circumstances beyond her control, Sarah was barely able to even complete her VCE, so she enrolled a TAFE business course. She worked full time for two and a half years and studied part-time at night. It all paid off when she was accepted into La Trobe’s Bachelor of Arts.

Her next goal was Law, so from the beginning, she asked question after question: how could she transfer to Law, what GPA would she need, how could she maintain high grades? Because she asked so many questions, Sarah knew exactly what she needed to do to get into Law…and she did!

Sarah thought when she started uni it would be all about the study. But she soon discovered she needed support, so she got involved in drama and theatre, and she now has a much more rounded uni life.

Sarah’s tips

Find out as much as you can before deciding on courses. Once you get your results, sleep on things. Don’t be hasty. Be that annoying person who asks a million questions! This could save you lots of time in the long run, and give you the best pathways into your course.

Tiffany Beaman

Tiffany Beaman

Current student, Bachelor of Health Sciences and Master of Podiatry

“Opportunities present themselves and there’s always the potential to change direction”


Tiffany had been a Registered Nurse for over 10 years. She wanted to do something more focused and specific in healthcare, so she applied for Mature-Age Entry to Podiatry at La Trobe. She missed out on a place but applied again in 2007 and received a second-round offer. She deferred and started the course in 2009, entering into the first year of the new double health sciences/podiatry degree.

Returning to study has been a shock to the system but Tiffany’s really enjoying the approach to learning. It’s very different from her first degree, where students were expected just to absorb lectures and do an exam at the end of semester.

Tiffany’s tips

What you choose at the end of Year 12 may not be what you’re still interested in 10 or 15 years later. People now change careers several times during their working life, so don’t stress! Opportunities present themselves and there’s always the potential to change direction down the track.