Additional data

The files below supplement the information provided in Building Futures, and address some areas in our GRI index. Click on the link provided to access our data collection protocols with the relevant information.

•    Occupational Health and Safety - extended narrative [WORD 18KB]
•    Staff statistics [EXCEL 813 KB]
•    Student statistics [EXCEL 714 KB]
•    Human Rights and grievance incident [WORD 768 KB]

•    Commuting [EXCEL 738 KB]
•    Energy and emissions [EXCEL 800 KB]
•    Paper and services [EXCEL 747 KB]
•    Waste and water data [EXCEL 763 KB]

•    Economic impact [EXCEL 760 KB]
•    Fairtrade [EXCEL 746 KB]
•    Risk, OHS and compliance [WORD 768 KB]

For more information or if you have any questions regarding the additional date please email us.