7 in-demand careers that you can study at uni

If you’re looking for a rewarding career that blends passion and purpose with job security, here‘s seven of Australia’s high-growth careers.

1. Information and communication technology (ICT) engineers

If you’re passionate about computers and technology and want a career that’ll set you up for the future, a career in computer network and systems engineers is a great choice. With a projected 43.7% future growth until 2026 for ICT support and test engineers1, it’s Australia’s #1 growing profession.

Computer network and systems engineers develop, test, deploy and troubleshoot computer network and systems, and are responsible for the maintenance, improvement and optimisation of computer networks across private and government sectors.

A career in computer network and systems engineering is also a great choice for Victorians looking to start their career now. In the Jobs and Training Needs Report 20222, computer network professionals were the fourth-most advertised position in Melbourne, making it an ideal time to enter the profession.

Study telecommunication and network engineering

2. Cybersecurity

The world has gone digital, and so has crime. If you’re looking for a growing career that sits at the frontline of technology and defense, cybersecurity is a great option. It’s Australia’s #2 growing profession with a projected 38.9% future growth until 2026 for jobs in ICT security and related industries3.

Cybersecurity experts work with organisations to bolster digital security and tackle cyber threats across a range of industries, such as technology, communications, education, finance, government, defence, healthcare, energy and resources.

A career in cybersecurity is a financial rewarding choice with many avenues to upskill or diversify your career. The median full-time earnings for ICT security and related specialists are $2,342 per week – a lot higher than the median full-time income of $1,5934.

Study cybersecurity

3. Audiologists and speech pathologists

If you’re passionate about helping children and adults, then audiology and speech pathology is a rewarding career choice. It’s Australia’s #3 growing profession with a projected future growth of 34.7% until 20265.

Audiologist and speech pathologists work with clients – both adults and children – to assess, diagnose and treat hearing defects, communication and swallowing impairments that impact speech or hearing. Audiologists and speech pathologists work in clinical and organisational settings and may work alongside other health professionals.

Study audiology Study speech pathology

4. Management and organisation analysts

The future of business is more human. Are you passionate about becoming a future leader that helps organisations improve operations and achieve business goals? Then a career in management and organisation analysis is top of the list – it’s Australia’s #4 growing profession with a projected future growth of 34.7% until 20266.

Management and organisational analysts work across industries to help businesses improve their productivity, management practices and operational systems. In doing so, this solves organisational problems and achieve business goals.

A career as a management and organisations analyst is very financially rewarding with a full-time median weekly income of $2,252 – much higher than the general median of $1,593 – making it a rewarding choice for business-minded individuals looking for a career that combines job security with high wages.

Study business

5. Early childhood teachers

The world always needs great teachers to shape the next generation. If you’re passionate about making an impact on the lives of children, then teaching is a rewarding career choice, with a projected future growth of 21.6% until 20267.

Early childhood (pre-primary school) teachers work in early childhood or kindergarten centres to plan the delivery of programs, facilitate learning and support the social, emotional and physical development of young children.

A career in early childhood teaching is a great choice for Victorians. From 2022, children will have access to two years of kindergarten, which will create an estimated 6,000+ teaching jobs8 across the state – making it an ideal time to start your career in this industry.

Study education and teaching

6. Physiotherapists

If you’re passionate about a career in healthcare that helps people reach their goals and improves their quality of life, then a career in physiotherapy is a great choice. It’s one of Australia’s top 10 growing professions with a projected future growth of 28.7% until 20269.

Physiotherapists work with people of all ages to achieve the highest possible degree of physical activity, participation and quality of life, by formulating physiotherapeutic diagnoses and designing appropriate programs of prevention, treatment and exercise.

Physiotherapy is a great career choice for those who want a diverse career – physiotherapists work across a range of settings such as rehabilitation, sports, public hospitals, private practice and more. You can also practice overseas, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a career that can travel with them.

Study physiotherapy

7. Social workers

Life in today's world brings harsh challenges. If you’re passionate about supporting and assisting people and families in need, then a career in social work is a great choice, with a projected future growth of 23.2% until 202610.

Social workers work with the most vulnerable members of our society, helping individuals, families and groups thrive by providing case management, practical support, intervention, counselling and advocacy to clients of all ages.

Social work is a rewarding career that spans a range of settings. Social workers can work across schools, hospitals, community health centres, as well as various government departments, such as: child and family services, counselling, child protection, disability, ageing, mental health, refugees and settlement, youth and substance abuse.

Want to work towards building a socially just and equitable society? Then a career in social work is for you.

Study social work

When it comes to choosing the right course for the dream job you want, be part of a uni that matches your passion with your career. At La Trobe, we want you to hit the ground running – from hands-on learning to industry placements, our courses are designed to equip you for your new career.

Unlike unis with a more theoretical approach, we combine practical skills with a world-class education. We want you to learn the useful stuff employers are looking for, and we mean it: La Trobe grads have an overall employer satisfaction rating of 87.8% – 2nd in Victoria.

When you graduate from La Trobe, you'll be ready to hit the ground running, whichever career you have in your sights.

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