Tertiary Preparation Program (TPP)

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If you don't have an ATAR, haven't completed Year 12 or completed it some time ago, our Tertiary Preparation Program (TPP) unlocks access to our courses, while developing skills to set you on a path to university success.

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Getting Started with TPP

The Tertiary Preparation Program (TPP) is a 100% online and free program designed to help you with returning to study.

You’ll complete a series of three, six or twelve micro-units of study across a broad range of subject areas to build your academic skills and learner confidence to succeed in your studies, while unlocking a pathway into your dream course.

We’ll also be with you every step of the way with tailored student support and the foundational skills needed to succeed in your further studies with us.

Why complete the Tertiary Preparation Program?

Unlock a La Trobe Entrance Score

Earn an alternative rank to an ATAR as a pathway into your dream course*.

Apply for and start uni with confidence

Your tailored program will develop study fitness, build academic and communication skills and prepare you to overcome study challenges.

100% online, free and flexible

Study online and at your own pace, with access to dedicated tools, services and support whenever you need them.

*A small number of La Trobe courses do not allow you to use the TPP and La Trobe Entrance Score for entry. Check the course page or contact us to confirm.

What you’ll study

Your educational background will determine whether you need to complete three, six, or twelve micro-units spanning various subjects. Each micro-unit requires approximately 50 hours of dedication during a six-week term at La Trobe.

Our dedicated academic staff will be there to support you throughout your learning journey. While most TPP students opt for three micro-units per term to meet Centrelink study requirements, you have the flexibility to set your own pace and take fewer subjects. If you believe a more extended program would be beneficial, feel free to apply for the program that aligns with your goals.



If you have completed Year 10, have taken a break from studying, finished high school in another country, or are looking to access the full program, this path is for you.

  • 12 micro-units: three micro-units per term, over four terms

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If you have completed Year 11, finished high school in the last five years, or completed VCAL/VCE Vocational Major (VM), this path is designed with you in mind.

  • Six micro-units: three micro-units per term, over two terms

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If you have completed VCE (including unscored)/HSC less than three years ago, this is the ideal path for you.

  • Three micro-units over one term

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Depending on the study plan you choose, you'll study a series of micro-units designed to build your learning skills. Topics include:

  • Academic culture, writing and presentations
  • Thinking mathematically and mathematical communication
  • Critical reasoning and inquiry
  • World-changing ideas in science


  • Domestic Year 12 students without an ATAR or non-Year 12 students
  • Completion of Year 10 secondary school studies (or equivalent)
  • Over 18 years old in the year before starting the program
  • If you have completed Year 12, over 17 years old in the year before commencing the program


  • Unlock a La Trobe Entrance Score and access to our undergraduate courses
  • The Tertiary Preparation Program (TPP) is completely free
  • Specialised services and support for your studies during the program
  • Gain valuable and transferable skills for university success

How to apply

  • Prepare and complete your application for the Tertiary Preparation Program

    Prepare any supporting documentation, including proof of your highest educational attainment and/or English language skills if you did not complete schooling in Australia, United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, New Zealand, or the Republic of Ireland.

  • Complete your tailored program

    Your program is tailored based on whether you have completed Year 10, Year 11 or Year 12 and you can choose between humanities or science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) streams.

  • Unlock your La Trobe Entrance Score and apply

    Your La Trobe Entrance Score is calculated based on your performance in the TPP micro-units you complete.

    Apply now

  • Wait for your offer

    Once you’ve submitted your application, you’ll receive an outcome shortly after application dates have closed.

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