Prepare for La Trobe

Get a head start at uni.

Your ATAR is just one way to get into university. At La Trobe, our research has shown that there are other ways to predict your success.

That’s why we’ve created Prepare for La Trobe: a pathway to La Trobe where you study micro-subjects that set you up for success in future study, alongside your regular senior school program. It’s 100% free and online.

  • get a La Trobe Entrance Score based on your Prepare for La Trobe subject grades, which you can use instead of, or as well as, an ATAR when applying for eligible La Trobe degrees. We’ll use whichever score is higher
  • gain the skills you’ll need to succeed at uni, studying at your own pace
  • get an early conditional offer for your La Trobe course. That means we’ll hold your spot – it’s guaranteed as long as you meet the entry requirements and successfully complete your VCE (including unscored), HSC, IB or VCAL
  • relieve stress about exams and school performance by knowing we’ve got your back with our La Trobe Entrance Score

Applications are now closed.

If you’re a Year 11 and/or 12 VCE (including unscored), HSC or IB student, you’ll complete three micro-subjects. If you chose VCAL (Intermediate and/or Senior), you’ll complete six micro-subjects.

We’ll take your average mark across these subjects and use that to calculate a La Trobe entrance score to make you a conditional early offer.

Completing the program in Year 11 can mean starting Year 12 knowing we’ve saved you a place for your bachelor studies. Complete in Year 12 and receive your conditional offer before exams even begin (subject to completion date.)

There is a stream for those interested in building their science and mathematics skills, and another for those who want to focus on academic writing as humanities skills.

Prepare for La Trobe micro-subjects are fully online and designed to fit into you school commitments - you can study at your own pace through the La Trobe term.

It’s 100% online and free.

Do you want to know more? Contact our Future Students Centre on 1300 135 045, check our FAQs or talk to us via live chat for more information.

At La Trobe, we believe a great indicator of how you’ll succeed at uni is how well you do in our university programs for school students. We’ve looked at the performance of numerous students in our pathway programs to allocate a score associated with future performance in degree programs compared to other students. Our La Trobe Entrance Score can then be matched to the rank you may receive for school studies. The table below shows what average grades you need in your Prepare for La Trobe studies to gain a La Trobe Entrance Score.

Prepare average markLa Trobe Entrance Score
50-72 Diploma
73 50.46
74 52.93
75 55.39
76 57.85
77 60.31
78 62.77
79 65.27
80 67.7
81 70.16
82 72.62
83 75.08
84 77.55
85 80.01
86 82.47
87 84.93
88 87.4
89 89.86
90 92.32
91 94.78
92 97.24
93 99.71
94 - 100 99.95
  • Note: this table shows the La Trobe Entrance Scores for 2022. These are updated regularly as we compile more data about course outcomes each year.

Micro subjects are short university preparation subjects. They provide discipline specific knowledge while teaching tertiary level academic skills. Each one consists of approximately 50 hours of learning (including time spent doing assessments) spread over six weeks.

You’ll study your Prepare for La Trobe micro-subjects across the school year. (If you are unsuccessful in one (only) subject you’ll be able to try again later in the year.)

Students taking the course fulltime (3 units in a year for VCE, or 6 units in a year for VCAL) undertake their units as set out below. Alternatively, students may choose to stagger the program across two years in a different configuration, as long as they begin with the relevant introductory unit(s).

2022 La Trobe Term dates

Prepare (VCE) Science

Prepare (VCE)


Prepare (VCAL) Science

Prepare (VCAL) Humanities

2022 Victorian School Term dates

LT Term 3:

2 May to 10 June

Thinking Critically

Academic Culture

School Term 2:

26 April to 24 June

LT Term 4:

18 July to 26 August

World Changing Science

Academic Writing

Digital Literacy

School Term 3:

11 July to 16 September

LT Term 5:

5 September to 14 October

Mathematical Communication

Critical Inquiry

Thinking Mathematically

School Term 4:

3 October to 20 December

LT Term 6:

31 October to 9 December


Thinking Critically

School Summer Holidays

LT Term 1 2023:

2 January to 10 February

World Changing Science


Mathematical Communication

Academic Writing


Critical Inquiry

We will formalise your early conditional offer with confirmation of your completed VCE, IB, interstate Year 12 or VCAL (Senior) qualification.

You’ll be eligible to apply for most undergraduate programs excluding some courses that have limited places like Bachelor of Dentistry and Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Medical). Of course, you’ll also need to meet any other requirements for entry such as prerequisites or additional entry criteria (e.g. completion of the CASPer test for teaching courses) and complete the VCE (including unscored), IB or interstate equivalent or VCAL.

Your conditional early offer will allow you to nominate your chosen La Trobe course by matching either your ATAR (if you receive one) or your La Trobe Entrance Score, whichever is higher. We’ll hold your spot – it’s guaranteed as long as you meet the entry requirements and successfully complete your senior school studies. You can find the La Trobe Entrance Score or ATAR you’ll need for our courses here.

Prepare for La Trobe is available to all current Year 11 and 12 students, including ungraded VCE, HSC, IB and VCAL students. You must also be an Australian citizen, New Zealand citizen or Permanent Australian Resident to apply.

If your Year 12 studies do not include an English or literacy subject we may advise you to undertake more micro-subjects to meet this requirement.

Prepare for La Trobe is an option which will get you on track to study at La Trobe University. It helps you understand what is required for university study and supports you to make the choices that are right for you.

Our staff will support you every step of the way. And you’ll get access to online orientation, Studiosity and the Learning Hub.

Prepare for La Trobe is completely free.

The different streams describe the number of micro subjects you will need to undertake, depending on whether you are a VCE (including unscored), HSC, IB, or a VCAL student, and whether your interests are in maths and science or the arts and humanities.

VCE, HSC or IB students

If you’re a Year 11 or 12 VCE, HSC or IB student, to complete Prepare for La Trobe you’ll study three micro-subjects:

and two from your preferred stream:

VCAL (Senior) students

If you’re a VCAL (Intermediate or Senior) student, to complete Prepare for La Trobe you’ll study six micro-subjects:

and two from your preferred stream:

Applications are now closed.

When competing you application, please also complete the Prepare for La Trobe declaration form and attach it to your application.

When you start your application you'll find that there are three PREPARE options.

  • If you're a VCE, HSC or IB student looking for a pathway to science, health and engineering courses you should select Prepare (Term 3)-College of Science, Health and Engineering (SHE)’
  • If you're a VCE, HSC or IB student looking for a pathway to arts, social sciences and commerce courses you should select Prepare (Term 3)-College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce (ASSC)’
  • If you're a VCAL student you should select Prepare (Term 3)-Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL)

You will need to let your school know that you intend to undertake Prepare, and agree that we can share your progress with your school. Contact our Future Students Centre on 1300 135 045 or talk to us via live chat if you need help or for more information. A document showing you how to complete your application is available below.

Prepare La Trobe - How to Apply [PDF 849.14KB]