Susnighda Abburi Ms Susnigdha Abburi

Nine Network Australia

Course of study:
Master of Telecommunications and Network Engineering 2012

Susnigdha Abburi completed a Masters of Telecommunication and Network Engineering and is now employed in a challenging and rewarding position with leading global professional services company Accenture.

Susnigdha says studying a Masters at La Trobe was the turning point in her career.

'The course at La Trobe University has definitely helped to shape my career and has fine-tuned my time management skills, people skills and decision-making skills.'

'The engineering staff are very knowledgeable and were very approachable, if and when I had any doubts. It is a very well-structured coursework with great laboratory facilities, and the interactive lecture sessions were a huge plus.'

'The best thing about studying at La Trobe was I had a chance to interact and work with people from different cultural backgrounds and that has greatly helped me to get started in the corporate environment.'

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