University Nationals

La Trobe University is affiliated with UniSport Australia, who are responsible for regional, national and international university sport.

La Trobe Sport is the authorised body to manage all university teams participating in any UniSport event, which includes the appointment of Sports Managers, Coaches, the selection process and all logistics associated with every event.

As of 2018, UniSport will be undertaking a number of changes including implementing a new university sport model, which will no longer be called Australian University Games. The new model will be named Nationals and consist of Div 1 and 2 in which teams have qualified into from the 2017 AUG results.

The 2018 Nationals Div 1 and 2 will  be held on the Gold Coat.  Div 2 will be played at the beginning of July and Div 1 at the end of September.

For more sport specific information including sport rules and regulations, please visit the UniSport website and click on Events for a list of sports offered in Div 1 and 2.

Get involved in 2018

La Trobe Sports will manage and coordinate all logistics for teams participating in UniSport events and a package will be provided to all students interested in participating, detailing all costs in addition to the UniSport registration fee. All flights must be organised by the individual and is an additional cost to the La Trobe Sport package.

Eligibility and qualification for participation

La Trobe University Sport provides all enrolled students that are eligible with the opportunity to represent the University in any UniSport event.

Go to the UniSport website to view the eligibility and qualification for participation guidelines. Contact the staff at La Trobe Sport before registering in any event online.