Partner with us

Join us in transforming teacher education.

We work in partnership with schools and local communities to ensure that quality teachers are placed where they are needed; in hard-to-staff, low socio-economic and culturally diverse schools across Victoria.

Nexus students are matched with a Nexus partner school and get paid to work while they complete a Master of Teaching (Secondary) or Master of Teaching (Primary), which means they graduate with extensive professional experience.

Our program is delivered by academic staff who specialise in diversity and inclusion– offering partners the opportunity to recruit high performing future teachers with diverse backgrounds.

Nexus graduates are:

  • Career-ready, with 80 per cent of our 2021 graduates saying they felt either prepared or very prepared to enter the teaching profession.
  • More likely to stay in the teaching profession. 100 per cent of our 2021 graduates have been employed across Victoria and 86 per cent of them remain in hardest-to-staff schools (ICSEAs < 1000).

Nexus is delivered as part of the High Achieving Teachers Program with the support of the Australian Government Department of Education.

Get in touch to partner with us by emailing Professor Miriam Tanti, Director of Nexus