Evaluate your research


  • Academic Karma – Peer review and get peer reviewed faster.
  • F1000 – Leading biomedical experts helping scientists to discover, discuss and publish research.
  • Hypothes.is – Sentence-level peer-review to provide commentary, references, and insight on top of online content.
  • Labii – A suite of web apps for researchers, including an online app for finding, commenting, rating  research papers.
  • Libre – Participative reviewing platform (beta testing).
  • Paper Critic – Review platform for research publications (Mendeley plugin).
  • Peerage of Science – Pre-publication peer review and publishing for scientific articles.
  • PeerJ – Open access pre-print and publishing of life science research with annotation.
  • PubPeer – Search for publications and provide feedback and/or start a conversation anonymously.
  • Publons – Record, showcase, and verify all your peer review activity.
  • Pubmed Commons – Share opinions and information about scientific publications in PubMed. (blog post)
  • Rubriq – Provides an independent peer review prior to submission. (blog post)
  • ScienceOpen – Freely accessible research network to share and evaluate scientific information.
  • Wiki Journal Club – Open, user-reviewed summaries of the top studies in medical research.
  • The Winnower – Open access online science publishing platform that employs open post-publication peer review.


  • Altmetric – Tracks what people are saying about papers online on behalf of publishers, authors, libraries and institutions.
  • ImpactStory – Share the full story of your research impact. (blog post)
  • PLOS Article-Level Metrics – A suite of established metrics that measure the overall performance and reach of research articles.
  • PlumAnalytics – Research altmetric service tracking more than 20 different types of artifacts.
  • Publons – Record, showcase, and verify all your peer review activity.