Psychology and Counselling staff

Name Position Telephone Email
Professor Pauleen Bennett Head of Department, Psychology and Counselling 03 5444 7460
Georgina Amos Casual Academic
Beth Andrew Casual Academic
Anna Atkinson Casual Academic
Darren Austin Casual Academic
Dr. Katharine Baker Research Officer
Dr. Jordana Bayer Professor 03 9479 2420
Elizabeth Bragianis Casual Academic
Zeb Brierley Casual Academic
Owen Broadley Casual Academic
Alyse Brown Casual Academic
Dr. Amy Brown Research Fellow
Carol Bryden Casual Academic
Josie Carlin Casual Academic
Brigitte Caruana Casual Academic
Emily Castagnini Research Officer (Peer Support)
Mary Castellani Casual Academic
Dr. Marina Cavuoto Casual Academic 03 9479 1381
Hasret Celalettin Casual Academic
Alexa Chalmers Casual Academic
Dr. Carina Chan Snr Lecturer Teaching and Research Psych 03 5444 7157
Linda Chiodo Casual Academic
Dr. Philippe Chouinard Senior Lecturer 03 5444 7028
Maverick Clissold Casual Academic
Professor Sheila Crewther Professor 03 9479 2290
Tim Cronin Casual Academic
Professor Simon Crowe Professor 03 9479 1380
Dr. Stephanie Damiano Post Doctoral Fellowship 03 9479 1906
Andrew Davis Casual Academic
Lauren De Losa Casual Academic
Number of results: 141
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Honorary and emeritus staff

Name Position Telephone Email
Dr. Edith Bavin Adjunct Professor 03 9479 2530
Dr. David Crewther Adjunct Professor
Dr. Alison Crichton Honorary Associate
Dr. Marilyn Cugnetto Honorary Research Fellow
Dr. Geoff Denham Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Dr. Loretta Evans Adjunct Lecturer
Professor Melvyn Goodale Honorary
Dr. Michael Halloran Adjunct Associate Professor
Dr. Tracy Henderson Honorary
Martin Jackson Honorary
Dr. Barbara Junghans Adjunct Associate Professor
Kon Kamateros Honorary Associate
Lynda Katona Honorary
Dr. Evan Kidd Honorary Associate
Dr. Robin Laycock Adjunct Professor
Dr. Lyn Littlefield Adjunct Professor
Dr. Brian Long Honorary Associate
Dr. Stephanie Mathews Honorary
Dr. Thomas Matyas Adjunct Professor
Sian McLean Honorary 03 9479 2949
Dr. Jim McLennan Adjunct Professor 03 9479 5363
Dr. Melissa Monfries Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Dr. Amy Morgan Honorary 03 9479 5193
Dr. Ben Ong Adjunct Professor
Dr. Antonio Paolini Adjunct Professor
Dr. Diana Perre Honorary Associate
Professor Margot Prior Adjunct Professor
Rachel Rodgers Honorary
Dr. Melissa Slayo Honorary
Professor Flora Tassone Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
Number of results: 32
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