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01 Aug 2018Statement from University leaders

La Trobe University 'Respect. Now. Always' one year progress report

27 Jul 2018Economic push in Melbourne's North

La Trobe is working to drive economic development in Melbourne's North

25 Jul 2018Accelerated growth linked to autism

Larger measurements in height and head size indicator for autism

25 Jul 2018La Trobe reaches Eureka finals

La Trobe researchers finalists in 2018 Australian Museum Eureka Prize

24 Jul 2018Micro-wasps take on crazy-ant colonies

Project to save Christmas Island red crabs is working

23 Jul 2018Training boost for nurses

Crucial training for nurses caring for elderly developed at La Trobe

22 Jul 2018Aussie battler returns home

Mallee Emu-wren located and rehomed in South Australia

19 Jul 2018Nursing climbs in top 100 ranking

La Trobe Nursing increases its position in Shanghai World Rankings

14 Jul 2018Reducing Australia's cancer death rate

New research on smoking and drinking

10 Jul 2018Cash and support for innovators

Budding entrepreneurs can turn their ideas into reality

04 Jul 2018La Trobe unveils new synthetic pitch

FIFA-1 standard and accredited synthetic football pitch is complete

04 Jul 2018La Trobe writer wins Mary Gilmore Award

Dr Quinn Eades has won the prestigious poetry award for Rallying

04 Jul 2018La Trobe funds scriptwriter for TV Pilot

$200,000 invested into script for The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka

03 Jul 2018Rural health boost for La Trobe

$3 million donation given to La Trobe Rural Health

03 Jul 2018Koala genetic code cracked

Scientists complete full sequencing of koala genome

29 Jun 2018Game-changer camera launched into space

High resolution camera launched into space

27 Jun 2018La Trobe Online MBA is world leading

Latest rankings put La Trobe in top 50 worldwide

25 Jun 2018Better brain health at your fingertips

Brain Gauge technology tracks ongoing concussion symptoms

21 Jun 2018Health and Wellbeing Hub

La Trobe to expand local health care

14 Jun 2018John Brumby AO to be our next Chancellor

John Brumby will start on 29 March 2019

07 Jun 2018La Trobe top 60 in Golden Age rankings

La Trobe ranked 59th in the world

06 Jun 2018Statement on Strathallan Golf Club

La Trobe comment on Strathallan Golf Club

06 Jun 2018Cann Group R&D expansion at La Trobe

La Trobe welcomes industry partner

30 May 2018La Trobe leads assistance dog project

La Trobe partners with DVA to tackle veteran PTSD

25 May 2018Maritime boundary agreement in peril

The central element of the Timor Sea dispute seems far from resolved

24 May 2018President Moon Jae-in's pivotal role

South Korea has made great strides toward US-North Korea diplomacy

23 May 2018Concerning childbirth trends

New research has shown a dangerous rise in postpartum haemorrhage

18 May 2018US won't end Israel-Palestinian conflict

The world is being obliged to take account of a new reality

18 May 2018China's debt diplomacy in the Pacific

Should China's 'debt trap' ring alarm bells for Australia?

17 May 2018La Trobe's infection-busting discovery

Scientific discovery could lead to new class of antibiotics

17 May 2018Students take action

La Trobe students and staff speak on prescription medication harms

17 May 2018La Trobe celebrates 200,000th graduate

International student Harsha Iruvaram is La Trobe's 200,000th graduate

16 May 2018A history of the marsupial lion

An extinct species of marsupial with lengthened premolar teeth

15 May 2018Labor's pledge for regional study

Federal Labor promise to increase opportunities for regional students

15 May 2018La Trobe awards outstanding individuals

Three celebrated Australians receive Honorary Doctorates

14 May 2018Olivia Newton-John honoured

La Trobe awards Honorary Doctorate to celebrated Australian

14 May 2018Should women take a break from the pill?

The pill is the most popular form of contraception for women under 30

14 May 2018The case for constitutional monarchies

Could constitutional monarchies be important aids to democracy?

10 May 2018Trump’s withdrawal from Iran deal

Hassan Rouhani says Iran will consider staying in the nuclear deal

10 May 2018New insights into our origins

How modern humans adapt to survive in a changing world

09 May 2018Budget 2018 prepares for election battle

Scott Morrison's 2018 Budget

08 May 2018New solution to rural doctor shortage

End-to-end rural medical program in Bendigo, Albury-Wodonga and Shepparton

07 May 2018Reshaping our cities to be inclusive

Creating inclusive cities for people with a disability

03 May 2018New student accommodation at La Trobe

Bundoora students to gain new accommodation

03 May 2018Accelerator innovators graduate

Accelerator program start-ups teams have graduated

01 May 2018Emmanuel Macron heads to Australia

Emmanuel Macron and Malcolm Turnbull to meet

01 May 2018The meeting of North and South Korea

South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un met at the third inter-Korean summit, held at Panmunjom on Friday.

30 Apr 2018Designing the compassionate city

Designing the compassionate city to overcome built-in biases

26 Apr 2018CityStudio to make Bendigo more liveable

Innovative project to make Bendigo more liveable

23 Apr 2018Young knees at risk of repeated injury

La Trobe research has found young knees are at higher risk of injury

19 Apr 2018Bendigo Law student receives top prize

Samuel Taylor awarded Supreme Court Prize

17 Apr 2018La Trobe to host Autumn Cycling Classic

Steve Bracks launches inaugural event

17 Apr 2018Review backs regional higher education

La Trobe welcomes final Halsey report

13 Apr 2018Chinese military base in Vanuatu rumours

Response to rumours of a Chinese military base in Vanuatu

13 Apr 2018The story of Fook Shing

The story of Fook Shing, colonial Victoria’s Chinese detective.

13 Apr 2018Head of Shepparton Campus to retire

Closing the Chapter – Head of Campus to retire

11 Apr 2018Tony Abbott revenge of the ‘delcons'

Tony Abbott and the revenge of the ‘delcons’

09 Apr 2018Pat Cronin Foundation launch at La Trobe

The Pat Cronin Foundation officially launched today at La Trobe

09 Apr 2018Turnbull is down, but certainly not out

After 30 Newspoll losses, Turnbull is down, but certainly not out.

05 Apr 2018The story of netball

Commonwealth Games netball is effectively a proxy world championship

05 Apr 2018Larundel artworks gifted to La Trobe

Collection created by former Larundel patients

04 Apr 2018Social drug use may help rehabilitation

Understanding the social benefits of drug use for rehabilitation

04 Apr 2018How gold rushes helped the modern world

One of the most significant events in history- the discovery of gold.

28 Mar 2018Do you need private health insurance?

Do you need private health insurance? Here’s what you need to know.

26 Mar 2018Cricket deaths detailed in new research

Helmets dramatically reduce fatalities

21 Mar 2018NDIS shortfall in disability housing

NDIS needs the market to help make up the shortfall in specialist housing

18 Mar 2018Turning plants into medicine factories

Potential to produce medicines within edible plants a step closer

14 Mar 2018La Trobe and Carlton Football Club

La Trobe will be Carlton’s exclusive Higher Education partner

13 Mar 2018Ancient DNA provides new insights

Archaeology researchers capture 4000 years of prehistoric migration

12 Mar 2018Students get the Career Ready Advantage

Class of 2018 will benefit from La Trobe's Career Ready Advantage

07 Mar 2018New research centre staff in Mildura

Murray Darling Freshwater Water Research Centre welcomes new staff

06 Mar 2018Closing the gap in midwifery care

La Trobe Indigenous program results in improved health outcomes

01 Mar 2018World leader in QS subject rankings

La Trobe confirmed a world leader in new QS ranking data

27 Feb 2018Experience the future of transport

Book your spot on La Trobe's Autonobus

26 Feb 2018Five tips for better liver health

Researchers develop dietary guidelines for most common liver disease

23 Feb 2018International students' Aussie welcome

Welcoming international students with a taste of all things Aussie

21 Feb 2018La Trobe awarded for gender equity

La Trobe named an employer of choice for gender equity

20 Feb 2018New hope for stroke patients

Injecting amniotic cells in to stroke patients can aid their recovery.

18 Feb 2018Leading next generation IVF

Embryo signal key to improving pregnancy success rates

15 Feb 2018Science program for students a success

La Trobe students get Industry Cadetships

13 Feb 2018Fitbits for animals

Bringing the human factor back into farming with fitbits for animals

10 Feb 2018La Trobe University media statement

Statement in relation to Mill Park incident on Friday 9 February

07 Feb 2018Landmark concussion study a game changer

Findings reveal retired NRL players suffer long term impairment

07 Feb 2018Virtual reality and pain free exercise

Using virtual reality to trick the brain for pain free exercise

06 Feb 2018Respected expert new Optus Cyber Chair

La Trobe appoints Professor Jill Slay as new Optus Cyber Chair

02 Feb 2018New research on same sex parents

Study finds separating couples face unique challenges

01 Feb 2018National brain cancer study

Respected researcher Andrew Scott wins grant to lead new trial

31 Jan 2018La Trobe and Goulburn-Murray Water MOU

La Trobe & Goulburn-Murray Water strengthen industry & education ties

29 Jan 2018Autism and link to suicidal thoughts

Why people with autism are more likely to have suicidal thoughts

29 Jan 2018Timorese nurses to tackle violence

La Trobe partners with Timor-Leste on domestic violence curriculum

25 Jan 2018Bendigo 2018 Young Citizen of the Year

La Trobe student Jontee Brown wins 2018 Bendigo citizenship award

24 Jan 2018World leader in sustainable communities

La Trobe becomes a world leader in sustainable communities

22 Jan 2018Virtual support helps curb drinking

New research shows the benefits of online peer support programs in helping people cut alcohol consumption

16 Jan 2018Early autism diagnosis, better outcomes

Children diagnosed with autism earlier have better school outcomes

16 Jan 2018La Trobe welcomes class of 2018

La Trobe University has today offered places for 2018 through VTAC.

12 Jan 2018Statement on AMA medical workforce plan

La Trobe renews call for dedicated rural medical school

08 Jan 2018Employers give La Trobe top marks

Australian employers rate La Trobe graduates 2nd in Victoria and 8th nationally

19 Dec 2017Regional response to funding cuts

Professor Richard Speed's response to funding cuts and regional impact

18 Dec 2017Statement on university funding cuts

La Trobe University statement on university funding cuts

18 Dec 2017La Trobe academic expert list for summer

Academic experts from La Trobe available for comment this summer

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