La Trobe University Statement

La Trobe University takes very seriously the health and safety of its residents and has been following the advice of the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services in all matters relating to COVID-19.

The University is concerned to receive footage which appears to show the public health requirements have not been met and it will be investigating the alleged incident. We would be very disappointed if this alleged incident did occur as we have made it very clear to residents that they must comply with public health requirements and with the University’s clear Rules of Residence. The University can confirm that its security staff received a call overnight from a student alleging there was a gathering of residents at the residential precinct at the Bundoora campus, based on social media footage.  Security staff patrolled the area. However, no gathering was identified.

If any resident has been found to have broken the rules of residence, which includes complying with health directives, the University will take action.