Strategies that promote positive change

La Trobe researchers are investigating factors that influence human behaviour and the most effective strategies to promote positive change

How can marketing strategies influence positive behaviour change?

Research by Dr Malliga Marimuthu, Senior Lecturer in Marketing at La Trobe Business School, aims to answer that question.

Dr Marimuthu’s recent research has focused on understanding what factors influence food consumption and health behaviours, and what strategies can promote positive change.

“Recently, I conducted a study exploring the acceptance of plant-based diets in schools, investigating how initiatives aiming for meat-free and climate-friendly food choices influence students,” she says.

“The study provided key insights into the strategies that can help encourage sustainable and healthy eating habits among the younger generation.”

Dr Marimuthu has also researched the factors influencing the use of herbal food supplements for children.

“Focusing on young mothers as consumers, we found that social group influence, perceived benefits, and the perceived convenience were key drivers of herbal food supplement use for children,” says Dr Marimuthu.

“This research also highlighted the significant role of social networking influence through creating awareness and encouraging other young mothers to adopt herbal food supplements for their children.”

“The goal of my research is to facilitate positive behaviour change and, in turn, make a meaningful contribution to individual and societal wellbeing.”