Law student an Ashurst Law Award finalist

Liam Crough was a finalist in the 2024 Ashurst Law Top 100 Future Leader Awards

Congratulations to La Trobe Law student, Liam Crough, who was a finalist in the 2023 Australian Law Awards Law Student of the Year and the 2024 Ashurst Law Top 100 Future Leader Award.

Liam, who is studying a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Commerce (Finance), has had an inspiring academic career – from studying in Spain, to mooting at the Federal Circuit Court, and serving as a Maritime Warfare Officer who clerked with Fleet Legal Headquarters and the Information Warfare Unit in the Royal Australian Navy.

“Studying abroad at the University of Barcelona was remarkable. I got to delve into the complexities of international European law, which not only broadened my legal perspective but also allowed me to immerse myself in a diverse cultural environment,” he says.

“Participating in La Trobe Law School mooting competitions has been tremendously enriching. These competitions honed my advocacy and legal reasoning skills, culminating in a memorable experience competing at the Federal Circuit Court.”

“La Trobe has also been supportive of my military career, granting me a leave of absence to become an officer in the Royal Australian Navy. This experience has been instrumental in my personal and professional growth.”

“This unique experience led me to be a finalist in the Australian Law Awards for Australian Law Student of the Year and the prestigious Ashurst Law Award.”

When he graduates, Liam hopes to work at the intersection of corporate law and financial regulation.

“I have a deep interest in the intricate balance between legal frameworks and financial systems. Working as a graduate in this sector will enable me to apply my legal skills while learning the nuances of advocacy. I hope to integrate my finance degree and certificate in financial technology to create a unique blend of legal and financial acumen.”

“I’m also committed to continuing my service in the Australian Defence Force as a reservist lawyer. In this capacity, I aim to contribute to the Office of Military Prosecutions, leveraging my legal skills in a context that upholds justice and integrity.”

“Long-term, I hope to be able to make a difference on a global scale by specialising in international humanitarian and human rights law. I am dedicated to serving and making a meaningful contribution to society through law.”