Philippine Collection Exhibition now showing

Selected works from the Philippine Collection of the Borchardt Library, ranging from books on history and society, to scientific works on the country’s flora, fauna and urban environment.

The Philippines-Australia Forum (PAF) at La Trobe University presents an exhibition of selected works from the Philippine Collection of the Borchardt Library. Like the collection itself, this exhibition ranges from books and scientific works on the country's history, flora, fauna and urban environment.

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Room 1.62, Level 1 Borchardt Library, Bundoora, 3086

Under the direction of the Founding Librarian, Dietrich Borchardt, La Trobe University Library acquired a variety of books and research material about the Philippines in the late 1960s. Acquisitions continued, and today the collection is a large up-to-date selection of research literature related to the Philippines, including some works in Spanish from the Spanish colonial period.

The Philippines is a multicultural democracy with a large English-speaking population that has many cultural affinities with contemporary Australia. PAF at La Trobe invites you to explore the collection and learn about the fifth migrant community in Australia.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!