Meet our Rural Health Sciences students

Students in the Department of Rural Health Sciences are preparing to make a difference in the Australian health sector

Crystal Cox

“For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a midwife.”

For Bachelor of Nursing and Midwifery student Crystal Cox (pictured above), nothing compares to being able to support women through pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.

“I’ve always wanted to be there for women and their babies through some of the most uplifting and hardest times of their lives,” she says.

Living in Bendigo, studying at La Trobe was the natural choice for Crystal.

“La Trobe is my local university, and it has so many wonderful resources to support students. The teachers have all been so open and willing to help when needed and are very compassionate when you are having a tough time,” she says.

“I have had some amazing experiences throughout my course and placements so far. I delivered ten babies on my first birth suite placement, including two water births. I also completed a prison placement, which really opened my eyes to the reality of the health care system in correctional facilities.”

Crystal says that while the course has been challenging at times, she is committed to achieving her dream of becoming a midwife and registered nurse.

“I have three young children and I want to show them what it's like to work for what you want in life. I am proud to be able to show them how much hard work goes into achieving your dreams.”

Ebony Woolstencroft

“I have always wanted to be a nurse from a young age.”

Ebony Woolstencroft always knew she wanted to be a nurse, however it wasn’t until after a stint working in aged care that she decided to pursue her Bachelor of Nursing.

“As a mature age student with a young family, the decision to complete a university degree did not come easily. Being able to study locally at La Trobe’s Shepparton campus, and do my placements close to home, ultimately helped me make the decision to enrol, and I’m so glad I did,” she says.

“I have enjoyed attending classes on campus and the academics are very supportive and approachable.”

Currently in her second year, Ebony has already completed her first placement.

“It was a great opportunity to get hands-on experience and put what I have learnt so far into practice.”

After graduation, Ebony plans to continue to postgraduate studies in midwifery.

“I want to be a midwife so I can help support new parents in their journey and help bring little miracles into this world.”