Library Online Learning Rooms

Our Bundoora and Bendigo libraries have dedicated study spaces for online classes.

On campus and have online classes to attend?

Our Bundoora and Bendigo libraries have Online Learning Rooms specifically designed for you to participate in online lectures, tutorials, seminars and classes.

Bundoora Library

The Online Learning Zone is on Level 2 of Borchardt Library. There are PCs equipped with webcams and study desks for you to plug in your laptop.

You can talk freely and participate in online classes, but please bring a pair of headphones so others can enjoy the space equally.

To access the Online Learning Zone, just swipe your student ID card at the door.

If you have any problems accessing this space, please contact our Card Access team.

Bendigo Library

There are two Online Learning Rooms on Level 2 of Heyward Library. These rooms are for individual classes with a maximum of two people per room.

Each room has wall-mounted screens with speakers and webcams with wireless connectivity. All you need to bring is your own device.