La Trobe Law School alumni give back through student prizes

The La Trobe Law School recently held their inaugural prize ceremony. Thanks to the incredible support of our alumni, 29 deserving students received industry-sponsored prizes.

The La Trobe Law School recently marked a significant milestone with its highly anticipated inaugural prize ceremony. The occasion served as an opportunity for the School to recognise and honour the exceptional academic accomplishments of its brightest minds within the Bachelor of Laws and Juris Doctor programs.

Prize ceremony

In 2022, the School sought to re-invigorate its prizes offering. Professor Fiona Kelly, the Dean of the La Trobe Law School, expressed deep gratitude for the invaluable support provided by the School's alumni, whose commitment made this opportunity possible.

“The Law School is overwhelmed by the generosity and engagement shown by the legal community, particularly our alumni.”

The School was able to offer 29 industry sponsored prizes this year to deserving students, with significant support coming from its alumni community.

“Our prize recipients’ hard work, diligence, and commitment to their studies brought them to this moment of recognition."

Arthur Athanasiou and prize recipient

The evening held profound significance for the esteemed alumni who generously sponsored the School's prizes. Among them, Arthur Athanasiou, a distinguished partner at Thomson Geer law firm and a proud alumnus of the Law School, expressed his delight in attending the prize ceremony.

“It’s gratifying to see a new generation of graduates ready to take their place in the legal profession and leave their mark, as so many other La Trobe law graduates are now doing,” said Arthur.

Arthur Athanasiou's sentiment encapsulated the shared pride between alumni sponsors, who eagerly embraced this opportunity to celebrate the emerging talents.

Lauren and prize recipient

Among those supporters, Lauren McKirdy, Senior Manager (Legal) at the Transport Accident Commission, noted that giving back to the University as an alum was immensely meaningful and reminded her of the exceptional education she received at La Trobe.

“I’m honoured to be part of a community that strives for excellence and produces such outstanding graduates.”

If you or your organisation are interested in becoming a La Trobe Law School prize sponsor, please get in contact.