Inspirational teachers in Psychology, Counselling and Therapy

Meet our inspirational teachers and find out how they are preparing our students for the workforce

Associate Professor Carina Chan

Associate Professor Carina Chan (pictured above) helps undergraduate Psychology students develop the practical skills needed for their future careers.

“Within the Bachelor of Psychological Science degree I teach ‘Applied Psychology’. This is a core first-year subject that has a strong emphasis on building practical skills, teaching the application of psychological concepts in real world settings, and guiding future career development.”

“I coordinate the Bachelor of Psychological Science with Honours degree and also supervise Honours-year students undertaking their thesis, helping them to develop research skills and execute a research project over the year.”

Associate Professor Chan hopes to be a positive role model for her students.

“Being a living example is important when teaching students and guiding their development. I also think that the best and most long-lasting learning happens when it’s fun, rewarding, and there are clear connections to real-life examples,” she says.

Making a contribution to students’ development is what Associate Professor Chan finds the most rewarding about teaching.

“Helping students develop their abilities, mentoring them to take on the next phase of their careers, and then witnessing them grow and succeed is deeply gratifying.”

Associate Professor Neelofar Rehman

Associate Professor Neelofar Rehman is passionate about shaping the next generation of clinical psychologists.

“I am involved in many aspects of the Master of Clinical Psychology program, from teaching subjects through to providing clinical supervision to students.”

“I also coordinate the first two practicums in the first year of the program. This is where students get to develop their clinical skills at the La Trobe University Psychology Clinic, which prepares them for clinical placements with external agencies.”

Being part of the learning journey, says Associate Professor Rehman, is the most rewarding aspect of teaching.

“I try to inspire learning in everything I do – whether that be through sharing case studies from my clinical work or sharing my own personal stories of learning. I really enjoy the ongoing contact with students and seeing them grow both personally and professionally.”

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