Trading room builds real world skills

The La Trobe Business School’s Trading Room features the Bloomberg global financial market trading platform

The La Trobe Business School’s Trading Room features the Bloomberg global financial market and company research and trading platform used by banks, stockbroking firms and investment managers.

Established in 2015, the facility exposes students to a simulated trading environment, where they learn to use the Bloomberg Terminal, a world-class computer software system and financial platform that provides access to real-time market data, company and security fundamental information, investing analytics and their proprietary trading platform.

“The aim of the facility is to build student competency and experience in using the platform and, ultimately, to prepare them for future employment in the finance and related industries,” says Professor Darren Henry.

The Trading Room features four pods, each with three desks separately equipped with Bloomberg Terminal computers.

“At the back of the room there is a control room where academic staff can observe and manage activities in the room,” explains Professor Henry.

“There is a large display screen on one wall of the Trading Room that can be used to project images from any of the computers, or the control room. This can be set up to show up to four screens at a time.”

The facility’s communications system is fully integrated, allowing students to send on-screen messages or make calls to other desks in the room. “This feature allows us to simulate trading between investment or foreign currency desks at different investment banks,” explains Professor Henry.

The Trading Room is primarily used by Finance students, but also builds skills in other subjects including Economics, Accounting, Management and Marketing.

“Activities in the Trading Room have ranged from learning basic Bloomberg terminal usage and functionality through to implementing investment strategies, creating investor portfolios and obtaining company research information for reports and investment recommendations,” says Professor Henry.

“Students love being in the Trading Room and on the Bloomberg Terminal. They are especially impressed by the breadth of global financial information that can be accessed, the ease of use and graphing and charting capability, and the employability benefit associated with having Bloomberg Terminal experience.”