Inspirational teachers in Management and Marketing

Meet our inspirational teachers and find out how they are preparing future professionals for the workforce

Dr Jasvir Kaur Nachatar Singh

Dr Jasvir Kaur Nachatar Singh, Senior Lecturer in Management and Human Resources Management, says fun-in-learning is the key to students’ academic success.

Workforce-ready. I teach the ‘Human Resource Development’ and ‘Evaluate and Negotiate’ subjects. These subjects really help to prepare students for the workforce by equipping them with the skills to develop human resources capabilities within an organisation, and the ability to use evaluation and negotiation effectively in the workplace.

The key to success. I take a fun-in-learning approach to teaching and provide a variety of engaging and hands-on learning activities to bring the content to life. These activities include games, drawing, role plays and sharing of lived experiences. When students are engaged and having fun, they learn better and have more academic success.

From student to practitioner. For me, the most rewarding part of teaching is observing students develop a deep and rich understanding of their field. It’s more than just earning good grades, the knowledge and skills they are acquiring will be with them for life and will serve them well in their careers.

Dr Sean Arisian

Dr Sean Arisian, Associate Professor in Supply Chain and Logistics, brings both technology and human connection to his teaching.

Competitive edge. My area of expertise is supply chain and logistics. One of the subjects I teach is ‘Supply Chain Analytics and Digitisation’ where students learn how to design smart supply chains that enable businesses to optimise their operations and make better decisions based on data. Businesses are becoming increasingly interested in enhancing their supply chain systems and the skills that students gain from this subject are highly sought after.

Future-focused teaching. I take a future-focused approach to teaching which means creating a learning environment that stimulates students’ critical thinking, problem-solving and innovation. I do this through digital tools and interactive activities, I also like to develop a genuine connection with my students and make them feel truly valued.

A positive impact. Teaching is not just another part of my job but a meaningful way of life that I pursue every single day, with pure passion. The most rewarding aspect about teaching is getting the chance to make a positive impact on my student's professional lives. It is a privilege to see them develop their knowledge and skills, and be actively engaged in sharing ideas and asking curious questions.

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