Words of wisdom from La Trobe alumni: persistence, resilience and curiosity

We asked La Trobe graduates what piece of advice they would give to the incoming class of 2021.

Our La Trobe alumni community, made up of over 210,000 graduates, has a strong and special connection to the University. Off the back of a challenging 2020, its members have shared their top tips for incoming students. While this is valuable advice for those starting University for the first time, there might be some gems in here for all of us!

1. Make the most of every opportunity

“Enjoy every moment, both challenging and positive. La Trobe offers excellent academic opportunities as well as those for networking and emotional growth. La Trobe has inspired me over a lifetime of learning.”

- Melanie, Bachelor of Legal Studies, 1988

2. Embrace the challenges  

“University life will challenge you, confront you, confuse you, and yet, I came out with clarity about my journey in education after my time at La Trobe. My love of education was fostered by La Trobe and I will always be grateful to the university for that.”

-Wayne, Bachelor of Mathematics Physics, 1991, DipEd 1992

3. Build on skills developed in 2020

“2021 is not like a typical new Uni year. It comes on the back of a once in a 100-year event – a pandemic that changed everything overnight. You overcame struggles and obstacles. You developed resilience, self-discipline, and independence. These things are the foundations of successful tertiary studies. You got this!”

- Sophie, Bachelor of History (Hons), 1993

4. Soak up the knowledge

“Make the most of being able to devote so much time to just soaking up knowledge. The skills you learn during this time are all really valuable - especially those that help you think in different ways and use different lenses”.

Anne, Bachelor of Philosophy Sociology, 1993

5. Nurture your passion

“The world has always presented many serious problems to solve. Don't ever underestimate your own potential to solve them. Be curious. Be clever. Be focused. Be persistent and nurture the passion that drives you forward”.

Scott, Bachelor of Scientific Instrumentation, Diploma Natural & Physical Sciences, 1998

6. Learn from your fellow students

“Make as many contacts as possible with fellow students, you will always meet them in future endeavours.  Make the most of the clubs that you can - they help make contacts and friendships outside your main discipline. Enjoy and embrace this next step of your future. You are the leaders of tomorrow.  Wear the mantle with pride.”

- Sonja, Bachelor of Biochemistry Genetics (Hons), 1983

7. Persistence is key

“Whatever hardships you face know that there is a lot of support from La Trobe and your fellow students. You will be amazed at how giving others can be. Persist and you will overcome.  Find 'your gift'. It might not be in your first choice of study. Have the courage to change courses if it's not right for you”.

- Mark, Bachelor of Social Science, 1989, Bachelor of Social Work, 1994

8. Be open to new experiences

“Try activities that you may never have thought to try or had the chance to try. You just might discover something you will love for the rest of your life”.

- Bill, Bachelor of Economics, 1979