Join Team La Trobe for the Push-Up Challenge

In a time where it has never been more important to stay connected, active and involved, join Team La Trobe  as we take on the Push-Up Challenge this May.

Challenge yourself physically, learn about mental health, engage in some friendly rivalry and help the Team La Trobe community as we aim to make a real difference to millions of young people living with mental health challenges.

From May 11-31 2020, we are challenging you to help our team to complete a total of 3,046 push-ups, representing the number of lives lost in Australia to suicide in 2018.

If you're feeling up to a much bigger challenge, you can complete all 3,046 push-ups by yourself, or create your own team to reach a combined daily target. Push-ups can be done just about anywhere, and you can spread your push-ups out over the course of a day. Alternatives to push-ups are also welcome.

The number of push-ups required to be completed each day changes to reflect a vital mental health statistic, meaning you’ll receive some insightful mental health tips and facts along the way.

All funds raised through The Push-Up Challenge this year go towards headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation, who provide mental health support to young Australians aged 12-25 years. Fundraising is optional, but it offers a great opportunity to support young people in your community.

Join our Team La Trobe community and thousands of others across Australia to push for better mental health!

How do you get involved? Click on the options below for details on how to sign up to the Team La Trobe (University) Community as an individual or create your own team. But be quick, registrations close on Wednesday May 13!

How to register as an individual:

  1. Register here
  2. Enter your details
  3. Once at the ‘Join or create a team’ prompt, select JOIN as you’ll you be joining Team La Trobe.
  4. Search ‘Team La Trobe’ and simply click JOIN.

How to register as a team (group of friends, business area or LTU club):

  1. Team leader or captain to firstly register here
  2. Team leader or captain to enter their details
  3. Once at the ‘Join or create a team’ prompt, select CREATE.
  4. Enter your team name and details.
  5. Team leader or captain can choose the type of team:
    1. A team where EACH person is aiming for 3,046, or
    2. A team where everyone COMBINED is aiming for the 3,046 (i.e. to share the load)
  6. Invite your team members to join.
  7. Once your team is created click here to join the Team La Trobe (University) Community.