It’s never too late for a career change

The harsh effect of COVID-19 on some industries is encouraging workers to make a career change and return to study.

Michael Carty worked in retail management for more than ten years, before taking the leap to study Education at La Trobe University’s Mildura Campus.  Michael relocated to Mildura from Melbourne to study, as he found the lifestyle and added bonus of affordable living suited him.

‘I found that I couldn't progress further in that industry, so decided for a career change where I can learn something new, but also apply my passions.

‘I'm using Educational Studies as a stepping stone into Secondary Teaching.  The goal is to become a secondary English and Humanities teacher. However, I would like to continue studying for a Masters as well.

‘When studying regionally, because of the smaller class sizes, you get to know your tutors really well, develop deep relationship with fellow students and engage thoroughly in the coursework.  So for those really committed to their studies, studying regionally is a no-brainer!’

Nyambee Mweendo started studying a Bachelor of Business (Agribusiness) in July this year.

I decided to acquire a degree in Agribusiness after years of working as a mechanic. It was always in my plans to end up on a farm at an older age, so when COVID-19 hit and closed the shop I was working at, I decided to enrol.

‘I was looking for a change in career.  I would like to find the best job to fit my skills and knowledge. So in these three years of study, I am here to refine my skills and find the best position in the very vast agriculture industry.’

Dr Deb Neal, Head of Campus Mildura, says the local student cohort has always had a strong base of career changers, but the trend is growing as people look to diversify.

‘Our close-knit campus really suits mature age students. COVID-19 has certainly rattled some industries more than others and we are seeing an increase in applications to those courses that are in high employment demand, such as nursing, teaching, social work, agribusiness and accounting.’

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