A new beginning for CSIT and the Oracle Academy

Working together, the university’s Department of Computer Science and IT (CSIT) and the Oracle Academy have begun the process of developing work-ready knowledge subjects.

The first example of this collaboration is the re-design of Database Fundamentals CSE2/4DBF, which, once completed, will be aligned with industry standards. Also two Java subjects are adopting the Oracle Academy Java Foundations curriculum: Object-Oriented Programming Fundamentals CSE1OOF and Intermediate Object-Oriented Programming CSE2IOO (formerly CSE1IOO). Once approved, these subjects will be on offer starting in Semester 1, 2021 (February). All of these subjects can lead into further training and ultimately, professional certification to help students in their careers.

La Trobe University students enrolled in these subjects can register free at the Oracle Academy Member Hub and set up a corresponding learning path for the completion of the appropriate Oracle certification. Completing subjects through Oracle Academy can provide future IT professionals with the in-demand skills being sought by potential employers.

This free membership is open to all La Trobe students and academics who are studying or teaching IT or any other area of study at the university.

“Under the collaboration with Oracle, this subject will be a project-based learning subject, which will help students effectively learn database skills. As in the subject summary, ‘Leveraging project-based learning techniques, students will create and work with projects which challenge them to design, implement, and demonstrate a database solution for a business or organization.’ That definitely would make this subject more popular,” said Dr. Lianhua Chi, Lecturer in Information Technology and Subject Coordinator at CSIT.

Oracle Academy continues Oracle’s commitment to education, which has been in place for over 25 years and offers educators and their students free resources to teach and learn computing through the availability of curricula , learning resources, Oracle cloud technologies, software, support, and professional certification resources.

“Oracle Academy works with public and private partners to provide the tools and training educators need to engage, inspire, and prepare students to become innovators and leaders of the future. We believe everyone should have the skills and opportunities to achieve their dreams.”*

*Oracle Academy

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