Dos and Don'ts of the Library

We've compiled a list of dos and don'ts to help you become an ethical library user in stress season. It's simple: treat the Library and your fellow students with respect and there'll be no issues.

Around this time of year, StalkerSpace is going bonkers. Why? Because it's the exam period, and understandably, some students are on edge. The group is inundated with posts about great and not-so-great use of the Library.

The Dos

1.       Remember this: Level 1 - Talk, Level 2 - Quiet, Level 3 – Silent

Pay attention to what level you're on at the Library. If you know you're going to have a loud conversation, leave it on Level 1. Level 2, if any talking at all, is quiet chatting only, and we can't stress this enough. And we all know what Level 3 is for – the only thing you should hear is a pin drop. The staircases aren't immune to the restrictions, either. Need to make a phone call? Take it outside.

2.       Maybe bring earplugs

Seriously, we have had complaints about people breathing too heavily on Level 3. Yes, Level 3 is the silent floor, but breathing is pretty hard to stop. If you're easily agitated, then you should probably bring some earplugs to block out distractions.

3.       Take your valuables with you

When you're taking off, take your valuables. You'll most likely have enough stress given the time of year, so keep your important items safe.

The Don'ts

1.       Don't use a laptop at a computer station

Need we explain? Library goers using a laptop at a computer station is a regular post on StalkerSpace. And it's obvious why – it's a cardinal library sin. Do the decent thing by taking your laptop to a normal desk space and let someone use the computer.

2.       Don't save a computer with the log fire
Look, we get it. We really do. The computer stations can be elusive at times. But the log fires heat up the Library and make it uncomfortable for everyone studying. OK, we're kidding about that bit, but if you're taking a break for longer than 20 minutes, log off the computer and give someone else a chance.

3.       Don't leave a mess
It's another straightforward don't, but one that needs to be reiterated as it occurs often. There are bins, people! Anyway, it's a well-known fact that if you leave rubbish in the Library that you will have bad luck for the rest of your life. And you don't want that, do you?

Any other suggestions? Let us know here.