Thomas Cherry Forecourt Upgrade

Thomas Cherry Forecourt

We are upgrading the Thomas Cherry Forecourt.

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The upgrade of the Thomas Chery Forecourt reactivates this currently under utilised asset, and provide improved amenities for students and the University community at large, at this key gateway point into the University.

The upgrade provide a space for people arriving or departing the University via bus, car or foot. The completed forecourt delivers better access to the University from the west, and includes improved seating, drinking fountains, an upgrade of the lighting and security and increased wireless network coverage.

In line with the Melbourne Campus Masterplan, the upgrade represents the second of four packages.

Project status

Works were completed December 2016


  • Improved seating and informal gathering spaces, providing increased wireless coverage
  • A greatly improved first impression for students and visitors accessing the campus from its western side, whether it be by public transport, foot or private vehicle.
  • Increased levels of health and safety via improved accessibility provided for all people.

Design features

Environmentally sustainable design initiative such as:

  • recycled materials in the deck
  • low energy consumption lighting
  • permeable surface treatments around existing trees maintaining natural water supply to the plants root system
  • sustainable planting requiring minimal water to maintain

A flexible space able to adapt when needed to the requirements of a number of uses.

Project consultants

Client: La Trobe University
Project manager: JohnStaff Projects (VIC)
Architects: Billard Leece Partnership
Building services: HR Consulting Engineers
Quantity surveyor: Wilde & Woollard
Structural/civic engineers: Irwin Consult
Building surveyor:             Philip Chun Building Compliance
Landscape architects:Papworth Davis