Claiming your commission

Our policy and business process allows for all agent commission invoices to be processed and paid after census date each semester.

Commission invoices should be forwarded to within 60 days of the relevant census date to ensure payment is processed within 90 days.

Invoices will be processed promptly after census date and will then be forwarded to central finance for payment.

Please ensure invoices include all students for the relevant intake. As a minimum invoices should include the following student information:

  • Student name
  • Student ID
  • Course and start date
  • Annual tuition fee
  • Commission percentage rate
  • Commission fee

Download a sample invoice [DOC 12KB].

Please note:

  • Commission is payable on first-year tuition fees only. Please ensure you claim the full commission fee for the year and avoid sending commission claims for individual semesters as this will slow down the processing time.
  • Invoices must be on company letterhead and include complete and current banking details to avoid unnecessary payment delays.