Global Markets Accelerator program

Are you keen to explore your start-ups global scalability? Are you keen to connect with markets beyond Australia? Is the problem you’re solving a global issue?

If you have answers yes to 1 or more of these questions, then we’d love to hear from you!

Following the successful first round of the Global Markets Accelerator Program in 2020, we are proud to launch the second round of the Global Markets Accelerator Program, funded by AusIndustry, as your key to understanding and accessing the potential of the international markets for you and your start-up.

The program has been designed to boost your start-ups growth and scale potential to fit a global market. This two-part program consists of an online 8-week, ‘feasibility study’ that enables you to assess the capacity of your ideal global market. The study offers an opportunity to gain access to second stage, a 6-month accelerator, which subject to COVID-19 international travel restrictions, will include a international immersive experience with one of our four delivery partners: imec.start (Belgium), T-Hub (India), Innovation Factory (Indonesia) or Singtel Innov8 (Singapore), either online or for 4-weeks in person if possible

A major hurdle for start-ups looking to scale and grow globally is to understand is if their product, service, or the problem you are looking to solve translates. Through our delivery partners personalised mentoring/coaching approach, workshop and events program and extensive network, you will be supported to focus on achieving your agreed program goals. Supporting our delivery partners are a team of internationally based coaches, who will work with your chosen market delivery partner to enhance and extend your support, network, and access whilst on the program. All have either run, invested in or support start-ups, and so have a depth and breadth of experience working in the eco-system. A further aim of this program is to encourage you and your team to think and act so you can grow and scale your start-up within a constantly changing environment. For the initial Feasibility Study, your start-up will be supported by a team of students, made up of those studying at universities in our partners home countries, as well as those studying at La Trobe. The purpose of the students is to provide you with additional market research and insight into the cultural aspects of selling to consumers and or businesses in their chosen geographical market/s. View our students as your ‘ears and eyes’ of what’s ‘hip, cool and happening’ so you are accessing the right social media channels for your products and services.

Whilst applications are open to start-ups located throughout Australia, we are especially keen to encourage those based in the regions, are rural, remote, or pivoted to be 100% virtual!

Belgium, India, Indonesia, Singapore… which to pick?

All our partners’ locations have a strong record of entrepreneurial support and outreach as well as extensive networks. Although, all have their unique offerings and domains, you may already have a prospective market in mind. If so, then please indicate this on your application form, noting that you can pick up to a maximum of 2 markets i.e. EU and India etc.

imec.start, ranked the no.1 university-linked accelerator in Europe, launched in 2011 in Belgium as one of Europe’s first startup accelerators. Almost ten years later, they are a globally recognised program with a portfolio of over 200 startups and scaleups, including an exhaustive partner and mentor network. They believe in entrepreneurship and technology and their mission is to support tech entrepreneurs when they’re ready to take the plunge. They do that through a world-renowned coaching program backed by imec as well as investment.

T-Hub enables and empowers an ecosystem hungry for innovation. Based in Hyderabad, India, it leads India’s pioneering innovation ecosystem that powers next-generation products and new business models. T-Hub has provided over 1100+ national and international startups with access to better technology, talent, mentors, customers, corporates, investors and government agencies.

As a technology innovation hub in Indonesia, Innovation Factory enable key actors in the tech startup ecosystem to meet, collaborate and scale together. They are building a thriving tech and innovation startup community and have established partnerships with organisations and corporations to foster technological innovations, empowering both Indonesian as well as international startups through a series of accelerators, market access and corporate innovation programs. Innovation Factory is also a part of a global network with presence in South East Asia (Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand), USA, and China.

Singtel Innov8 is a corporate venture capital fund US$250 million, with presence in Singapore, Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv and other markets. Innov8 focuses its investments on technologies and solutions that lead to quantum changes in network capabilities, next-generation devices, digital content services and enablers to enhance customer experience. It works closely with the ecosystem of leading innovators, developers, government agencies, R&D and capital providers to bring cutting-edge technologies and solutions to the various markets the Singtel Group operates in.

Webinar series – Global Markets Accelerator: Expanding into Europe and Asia

To find out more about which location you should choose in your application or just to find out more about the European and Asian markets, we highly recommend you view the recordings from our partners:

Singtel Innov8 (Singapore)

imec.istart (Belgium)

Innovation Factory (Indonesia)

T-Hub (India)

We also highly recommend attending the showcase event for the first cohort, in partnership with City of Melbourne. Attending this event will provide you with the opportunity to hear from participants and the partners on the success of their progression through the Global Markets Accelerator Program.

Event details TBA. Please email us to register your interest in attending.


Applications are currently closed.

Key dates

  • Applications open: Monday 12 April 2021
  • Applications close: Friday 18 June 2021
  • Part One - Feasibility Study: Week commencing Monday 28 June 2021 - Friday 16 August 2021
  • Part Two - Global Markets Accelerator: Week commencing Monday 30 August 2021 - Friday 25 February 2021*

    * Subject to COVID-19 International Travel Restrictions, the 6-month accelerator is to include a 4-week, in-country immersive. In the case this not possible, this experience will be conducted online.

We want to hear from you! To book a slot to talk to us further about the GMAP and how it could benefit you and your start-up, please email us at

City of Melbourne Open Innovation Competition

If you are a City of Melbourne Open Innovation Competition entrant and have opted to be considered for the Global Markets Accelerator Program, please read the terms and conditions prior to accepting on their application form. To read the T&Cs, please click here.

Case Studies - Cohort 1

SilVR Adventures' mission is to tackle isolation and loneliness with seniors by bringing people together through shared experiences in virtual reality and has never been more important. Our award-winning VR based experience and communication solution offers residents of care providers the chance to chat, travel the world and even watch a classic movie with other residents, all in a virtual world.

What have you achieved through GMAP? 
Opportunity to assess market fit for solution in the EU and Singapore.

Why do you recommend GMAP to other start-ups?
Expert market analysis and insights to help support business decisions and growth.

Any advice you would share with prospective applicants?
Be open to learning, adapting and collaboration throughout the GMAP journey.

Women viewing VR tech

Tekuma is improving the ways humans interact with technology creating a universal, tactile, six degrees of freedom control orb that can be operated with one hand.

Devices have become increasingly complex and the interfaces associated with them have not been updated accordingly. The two-joystick interface is fragile, confusing, limiting, and difficult to train. The Tekuma solution reduce the time, cost, personnel, and training required to get jobs done. The team have developed a force-based, six-degrees of freedom control orb module for drones, robots, and other devices. The technology allows users to intuitively control any device with just two fingers freeing their other hand up to focus on peripherals or control other devices.

What have you achieved through GMAP? 
We have had the opportunity to explore potential market expansions by meeting people in related industries on the ground in countries such as Indonesia, Belgium, India, & Singapore.

Why do you recommend GMAP to other start-ups?
It’s a fully sponsored program with fantastic on the ground partners who really endeavour to make the best connections for your business.

Any advice you would share with prospective applicants?
Be open to ideas, connections, target markets, you may not have thought of yourself, this is the opportunity to get really new perspectives.

Tekuma 1Tekuma 2

TBH Pets is nourishing pets sustainably for a better world. They manufacture a range of plant-based and insect protein pet food, and a range of natural grooming products for dogs. TBH Pets products improves the health and well-being of pets while improving sustainability and animal welfare outcomes, and reducing environmental footprint.

What have you achieved through GMAP?
It has provided a rigorous framework to enable us to launch our brand internationally, in particular, through the work we have achieved with T-Hub.

Why do you recommend GMAP to other start-ups?

The staff are very supportive with their time and knowledge. They are very positive people.

Any advice you would share with prospective applicants?
Enjoy the entrepreneurial journey, every day is different.



ReadyTeacher is an on-demand recruitment platform where education providers have access to qualified teachers of popular certificate, diploma & language courses.

What have you achieved through GMAP?  
GMAP has enabled ReadyTeacher’s founder to ask the hard questions about the sustainability of the business, its financial modelling and export readiness, and provided the continued support and skill development to find the answers we need.

Why do you recommend GMAP to other start-ups?

GMAP is a practical, hands-on program where startups access specialist advisors and support to set and achieve real goals.

Any advice you would share with prospective applicants?
If you believe that your startup belongs in the global arena and want to explore in-detail the feasibility of your solution, GMAP is an excellent program to take part in.



We are looking for start-ups and scale-ups who are ready to who have already validated their products/services to at least one market and are looking to launch internationally. You can be from any industry.

For the City of Melbourne Open Innovation Competition, start-ups with a focus on or with a link to start-ups or partners based in Indonesia, are particularly encouraged to apply.

Please note that the application form requires a 10-15 slide deck presentation of your business as well as a reference letter from an incubator/accelerator manager, angel etc.

Subject to change, the following provides an overview of the commitment required for the program.

Part one - Feasibility study: We estimate that the program will need approximately 15 hours a week of your time. This could include, but not limited to, 3 hours of coaching, 1 - 2 hours of webinars, and approximately 11 hours working on your business and with La Trobe University and/or our partners students to support you.

Part two - Global Markets Accelerator Program: We estimate that you will need to commit to 10 to 15 hours a week for this 6-month program. Subject to International Travel restrictions, there is an intention to offer a 4-week, overseas, immersion in your chosen market.

During the program, we foresee that you will attend 1 - 2 hours of coaching, 2 hours webinars delivered by our partners, 4 - 6 hours’ worth of networking and engaging with partners and 2 - 4 hours of individual work to better define your business model.

By the end of the process the start-up shall be able to adapt its business model where necessary, as well as develop a go-to-market strategy which focuses on the next steps of the market entry. An ideal outcome will be that you will have your first international client and/or first partner or venture funding.

Taken from a Northern European model, this program is divided into two part to enable the best possible success for your start-up. Part one, the Feasibility Study which focuses mainly on mentoring, is a market validation and research process which will help you define the best market specific for your start-up. This will be done with the support of experts, mentors and students. We will support you to understand your readiness for your selected international market and help with your business model. We will assist you with creating a value proposition for the overseas selected market and support decision making of the most significant market to access.

The GMAP delivery partners are based in Belgium, India, Indonesia, and Singapore.At the end the Feasibility Study, participating starts ups will have an opportunity to pitch for a place in the Global Markets Accelerator. The number of starts to progress being approximately 2 per market, around 8 in total.  Details regarding the pitch day will be made available during the Feasibility stage. If successful in securing a place on the 6-month accelerator, start-ups will work closely with the delivery partners.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a key focus within La Trobe University's Industry Engagement strategy. Within our range of programs, we have supported over 111 start-ups over the past three years, and counting.

La Trobe University is looking to help equip a variety of start-ups, scale-ups, businesses, students, researchers and alumni pivot and accelerate through COVID-19 and beyond. In addition to delivering programs to inspire entrepreneurial mindsets within our staff, students and academics, we aim to build the entrepreneurial ecosystem within Victoria.

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