The building blocks of human existence

Understand the natural phenomena of the universe. Learn about matter and energy, and how they interact.

Why study Physics?

Physics is all around us, all the time. Heat, light, sound, electricity, mechanics, magnetism, atoms… The study of physics asks fundamental questions about these phenomena and tries to answer them through observation, experiment and analysis.

It opens doors to fascinating areas of enquiry and diverse applications, including medical technology, weather prediction, environmental control and the development of electronic devices and communication tools.

La Trobe has a long and proud history of physics. Our researchers were the first Australian group to be awarded access to the most powerful X-ray laser in the world.

Where can Physics take me?

Physics can take you to the moon and back. It prepares you for a career in a range of fields including astronomy and space science, atmospherics, pollution control, radiology, materials and surface science, molecular science, bioengineering, global positioning systems, nanotechnology and science communication.

Why La Trobe?

  • La Trobe is a member of Innovative Research Universities (IRU) Australia, which attracts more than $340 million in annual funding. 
  • Our Centre for Materials and Surface Science provides a supportive and stimulating environment for study and research. 
  • We provide experience and competence in experimental work whether laboratory or environmental and field-based. 
  • Our program includes advanced expertise in materials and surface science, space physics and x-ray science. 
  • Our industry cadetship program offers paid workplace experience between semesters, giving you the chance to develop your skills and build your career. 
  • Qualified graduates are eligible for membership to the Institute of Physics.

Further study options

If you're an undergraduate with a strong academic record and an appropriate major, Honours in Physics awaits. Your Honours year will give you the chance to combine coursework and research in a specialised area of study.

Complete the Honours program with high grades to qualify for entry into the Masters by Research program or direct entry into the PhD program.

Get to know our staff

View all the staff in the College of Science, Health and Engineering or focus on those teaching Chemistry and Physics.

How to apply

Apply through VTAC or UAC if you're a current Year 12 student or if you're applying to more than one institution. If you're not in Year 12 and applying only to La Trobe, you can apply direct.

Key dates

Direct applications normally close in February for entry in semester 1, and July for entry in semester 2. For more details visit our apply direct page.


VCE Units 3 and 4: a study score of at least 25 in English (EAL) or 20 in English other than EAL; and a study score of at least 20 in Maths (any).

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