Let a language be your key to the world

Immerse yourself in the study of a language and gain access to hidden cultural insights.

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Why study a language?

Learning a new language has the capacity to change how you view the world. Recent research shows that speakers of multiple languages demonstrate a unique flexibility of the mind that allows them to go back and forth between different perspectives.

At La Trobe, you can choose from an extensive suite of languages including:

Where can a language take me?

The study of a language can lead to a career in many different areas of business, science and the arts. Some of our graduates find employment in international relations and international trade, development, tourism and hospitality, education, marketing and media.

Why La Trobe?

At La Trobe, you can choose to study a language as a Bachelor of Arts major, or you can study a Diploma in Languages alongside many of La Trobe's Bachelor degrees, expanding your career opportunities.

Have you ever wanted to live like the French or Chinese do? If you study a language at La Trobe, you can put your language skills to use by entering the Study Abroad program. This program lets you choose between an exchange or short-term program. In some cases, you can complement your language study with faculty study tours in archaeology, history, international relations, politics, and European studies.

La Trobe is also home to the Centre for Research on Language Diversity where we investigate linguistic diversity in all its aspects. This approach to language diversity offers valuable insight into how each language offers a unique window into one possible way of perceiving and interacting with the world.

Further study options

If you're an undergraduate with a strong academic record and an appropriate major, Honours in a language awaits. Your Honours year will give you the chance to combine coursework and research in a specialised area of study.

Complete the Honours program with high grades to qualify for entry into the Masters by Research program or by direct entry into the PhD program.