Creative Arts

Be a vanguard in the creative age

Explore your passion in art, performance and storytelling, and be part of this century's driving force in growth and influence: creativity.

Why study Creative Arts?

From the airwaves to the water cooler, conversations about creativity are everywhere. New platforms need new content. New innovations need new ideas. New challenges need new solutions. The time for creativity is now.

Come to our Melbourne campus and study core subjects in writing, media arts and performance. Then choose from specialisations including theatre and performance, creative and professional writing, and screen and sound production.

Or join us in Bendigo or Mildura for a focus on studio arts. Explore the fundamentals of art culture, materials and theory. Then specialise in creative and professional writing, fine art, graphic design or photography.

Create the course that's right for you.

To view the variety of subjects available in this discipline see the 2016 Handbook.

Where can Creative Arts take me?

Studying Creative Arts will open doors to hothouses of art, innovation and ideas. From theatres to publishing houses, art galleries to film sets, recording studios to digital networked environments.

Creative Arts prepares you for a career in a range of fields including arts, exhibition, music, writing, editing, publishing, journalism, performance, theatre, festivals, scriptwriting, film, television, online media, theatre and education.

Why La Trobe?

  • Join our Centre for Creative Arts – an interdisciplinary centre that supports research and promotes collaboration in creative arts practices, including Media Arts, Theatre and Performance, Creative Writing, and Visual Arts and Design. The Centre's focus is on advancing creative arts in the digital and networked environment.
  • Participate in artists' residencies, public events and lectures at our Centre for Creative Arts.
  • Access the La Trobe Art Institute and its network of galleries.
  • Take an accelerated subject with professional writers' festivals or the National Gallery of Victoria.
  • Make invaluable industry contacts by interning with an organisation or community group during third year.
  • Work in our suite of production and audio studios, theatres and rehearsal spaces.
  • Exhibit your work in a solo or group exhibition, pop-up gallery or community arts project.
  • Develop scripts, present full theatre productions and work across evolving media platforms.

Further study options

If you're a Creative Arts undergraduate with a strong academic record, your Honours year awaits.

Choose from an Honours degree in Cinema Studies, English, Media: Screen + Sound, Media Studies or Theatre and Drama. Combine coursework and research in your specialised area of study.Complete the Honours program with high grades to qualify for entry into the Masters by Research program or direct entry into the PhD program.

Get to know our staff

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How to apply

Apply through VTAC or UAC if you're a current Year 12 student or if you're applying to more than one institution. If you're not in Year 12 and applying only to La Trobe, you can apply direct.

You can study this as part of a Bachelor of Arts. View all majors

Key dates

Direct applications normally close in February for entry in Semester 1, and July for entry in Semester 2. For more details visit our apply direct page.

Apply through VTAC or UAC if you're currently in Year 12 or you're applying for more than one course or institution. If you're only applying for one La Trobe course and not considering study at another institution, you can apply direct until applications close in December.


VCE Units 3 and 4: a study score of at least 25 in English (EAL) or at least 20 in English other than EAL.

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