Turn your environmental passion into a career

Study climate change as your major. It will equip you with the skills and knowledge to respond to the climate crisis and drive positive change.

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Our new climate change major is the first of its kind in Australia. *

By choosing this as your major, you will:

  • explore the interaction between nature and humans, the causes propelling anthropogenic climate change, and what’s required to slow global warming
  • understand the sociological roots of rapid environmental change
  • unpack the scientific, economic, social and cultural principles underpinning the climate change debate
  • investigate governmental law, policy and political responses
  • examine the public health implications of a changing climate
  • understand the importance of water management.

* The climate change major at La Trobe University is the first of its kind in Australia as it is non-cognate and inter-disciplinary, and it provides the unique opportunity for students to study the global challenge of anthropogenic climate change from a wide range of disciplines including law, economics, public health and archaeology.

Career outcomes

Some career outcomes include:

  • policy adviser
  • business sustainability adviser
  • climate change consultant
  • environmental educator
  • governance officer.

Why study climate change at La Trobe?

Long history

We’re the first university in Victoria to create an environmental humanities major.

Protecting habitat

We’re a leader in climate change resilience in higher education, and we’re deeply committed to action on climate change.

Climate action

We’ve established a Climate Change Position Statement and the La Trobe Climate Network. We’ve divested from fossil fuel companies, and we’re committed to becoming net zero (carbon neutral) by 2029.

World leading

We rank in the top 20 universities worldwide for our work to advance the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. You’ll also see this first-hand when you learn in the first lab in Australia to be certified by My Green Lab, and when you experience the only university in Australia with a wildlife sanctuary.

Action on climate change, your way

Flexible study options

You can study our climate change major entirely online, or as an open access major in a wide range of undergraduate degrees, including:

Leaders in climate change research

You’ll benefit from the learnings of our leading research centres, including:

Specialist degrees

Specialist degrees

If you’re passionate about sustainability, you could also consider our enhanced Bachelor of Outdoor and Sustainability Education. You can choose from two majors, including climate change, and you’ll gain the skills, knowledge and experience you need to launch your career in the great outdoors.

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