Alumni profile

Prof Tim Entwisle

PhD in Botany, La Trobe, 1986

Director and CEO at the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

Professor Tim Entwisle is Director and CEO at the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, and President of the International Association of Botanic Gardens. 

He's also resident natural philosopher on Blueprint for Living, a radio program on ABC RN. Tim holds a PhD in Botany from La Trobe, and is a member of the Class of 1986.

Tim believes La Trobe wasn't like other universities.

La Trobe didn’t seem to have the same constraints as some of the other universities,

There’s much more sense that you can be who you want to be and there’s a lot of freedom.

“I came to La Trobe because I knew there was a person there who could offer the sort of techniques and support I needed. I thought it was interesting looking campus with the native plants, and it was a young campus and that was appealing."

But it wasn't just the vibrant campus that attracted Tim to La Trobe.

"My girlfriend was working out here. My girlfriend is now my wife, and has been since then, so La Trobe also helped my relationship," he said.

Tim said that his PhD from La Trobe provided him with a varitety of skills that he has been able to use in his role at the Royal Botanic Gardens.

“La Trobe University taught me to be a really strong, careful, quite qualified scientist. To be able to use those skills in not only science, but also in management, has been a real bonus," he said.


Last updated: 2nd August 2019