Alumni profile

Oscar Yildiz JP

Bachelor of Legal Studies, 1992
Diploma of Education, 1994

Councillor at Moreland City Council

Dedicated to empowering Australians to live fulfilling lives from all forms of bullying.

Oscar Yildiz is a councillor at the Moreland City Council. He is the founder and former CEO of the Bully Zero Australia Foundation which is dedicated to empowering Australians to live fulfilling lives from all forms of bullying. 

Prior to working with Bully Zero, Oscar served as Mayor of the City of Moreland twice. In the role, Oscar managed a $150 million annual budget and spearheaded important community initiatives including the Oxygen Youth Project, the Moreland Multicultural Policy, the Family Violence Prevention Strategy and the National award-winning CALDCom Storyboard project.

With a natural ability to inspire and influence others, Oscar has galvanised others to join his anti-bullying campaign, with supporters including Julia Gillard, Linfox, Essendon Football Club, KPMG, Swisse and LaManna. 

In the four years Oscar spent at La Trobe University, he formed a loving connection with the campus.

“The best time for me was my four years at this university," Oscar said.

"The friendships and the relationships I gained and experienced here – it wasn’t just the education.”

Coming here, I felt like I was free. I felt like I was a big part of the university back then, and I still feel that now.

It's clear that La Trobe helped to shape the person that Oscar is today.

“I’ll never forget some of those tutors and lecturers here. Those relationships develop who we are today,"  he said. 

“A lot of my values today, in terms of respect… treating people the way I want to be treated … my personality… in all honesty, it’s because of this place.” 

Distinguished Education and teaching Law and criminology

Last updated: 8th March 2019