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Hon Matthew Guy MP

Bachelor of Arts, La Trobe, 1995

Member for Bulleen

Hon Matthew Guy MP is the member for Bulleen and has been a member of the Parliament of Victoria since 2006. 

He holds a Bachelor of Arts from La Trobe University, and is a member of the Class of 1995.

Matthew said La Trobe had a "great setting" when he attended the university. 

“It just had a great feel to it. So it was more than a university, it's like a little town unto itself," Matthew said.

“I came from a public high school which had 850 students. I got to La Trobe and there was at that stage probably around 20,000 students, so it was enormous."

With a political career that has spanned for more than 10 years, it was at La Trobe where Matthew truly began to hone his beliefs and identity.

“I was kind of a timid, shy little year 12 student. After a couple of years at La Trobe you develop a lot of self-confidence and that’s certainly what I got out of university," he said. 

“I think a lot of the politicians who went to La Trobe probably, like me, found their confidence, found their voice and really developed from being insular little high school kids to… young adults.

“You really do start to develop your thought, obviously in Politics History as I was studying, it’s about those topics."

Arts, social sciences and communications

Last updated: 30th April 2019