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Prof Khatijah Yusoff

Bachelor of Science (Microbiology)(Hons), 1979
PhD in Microbiology, 1984
Doctor of Science (honoris causa), 2010

Distinguished microbiologist

Professor Khatijah Yusoff is a highly distinguished microbiologist.

She holds a Bachelor of Science, PhD in Microbiology and received an honorary Doctor of Science - all from La Trobe University. She is a member of the Class of 1979.

Khatijah has been a gracious beneficiary from the generous offerings of La Trobe. Her vast journey began with the University in the '70s as a recipient of the Colombo Plan Scholarship - a scheme that aimed to bring students from Asia to Australia to study and experience the culture. 

After completing her Bachelors degree, Khatijah won a La Trobe research scholarship to complete her PhD. She says her time at La Trobe was "very memorable." 

“This is where I studied and played at the time. This is where I met my other half. This is where I got my PhD,” Khatijah said. 

"I had foster parents in Warrandyte, so I kept visiting them and learning about how Australians live." 

After her fulfilling time at La Trobe, Khatijah continued on to an immensely successful career in science. 

In recognition of her teaching and research in microbiology, Khatijah has received many awards. In 1990, she received the National Young Scientist Award and in 2005, was awarded the Carlos J Finlay Prize for microbiology by UNESCO. 

Khatijah believes La Trobe's diversity allows it to be a premier University. 

“I feel that the ability of us to meet and live together all around the world, to be here at La Trobe, that makes what we are today. That makes La Trobe a leader in various disciplines,” she said.

I think La Trobe has contributed a lot. We do have some of the best departments in Australia, so I’m quite proud to tell people I’m from La Trobe.

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Last updated: 17th June 2019