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Dr Julie Andrews

Bachelor or Arts, Sociology and Archaeology, 1992
Bachelor of Arts (Hons), Anthropology, 2000
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Aboriginal Studies and Anthropology, 2015

Lecturer of Aboriginal Studies and Anthropology, La Trobe University

Dr Julie Andrews was the first Indigenous full-time lecturer at La Trobe University. 

When Julie arrived at La Trobe to begin her first degree, she was greeted with an inclusive setting.

“What I saw when I got here was a welcoming environment, everyone seemed to be equal, there was no competition," Julie said.

"The possibilities of becoming someone at La Trobe, there seemed to be no restrictions there."

On the completion of her first degree, Julie began as a lecturer and convener of Aboriginal Studies at La Trobe and continues in this role today. She is a staunch advocate for holding on to Indigenous culture.

 “We have to retain our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander identity and our community links," she said. 

"But we need to do that with education. The strength of education is only going to empower us further."

With that in mind, Julie has continually added to her education achievements at La Trobe. After graduating in 1992, she completed her Honours in Anthropology in 2000 and a Doctor of Philosophy in Aboriginal Studies and Anthropology in 2015. 

Throughout her time at the University as a student, staff member and lecturer, Julie has been dedicated to the improvement of life for Indigenous people.

"My time here at La Trobe has been a meaningful one. I’ve made a commitment to bettering the advancement and welfare of Aboriginal people," she said.

“I was involved in a lot of the student political activities. We used to participate in Aboriginal rallies... Everything we set out to do, we did.

"I feel I’ve been an instrumental part of making a contribution to this university."

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Last updated: 16th May 2019