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Jane Gazzo

Bachelor of Arts, La Trobe, 1994

Freelance radio presenter and Chair, The Australian Music Vault

Jane Gazzo is a freelance radio presenter, Chair of the Australian Music Vault, and author of best-selling book 'John Farnham - The untold story'. 

She holds a Bachelor of Arts from La Trobe, and is a member of the Class of 1994.

Jane has had a rich career in media, appearing on the now-iconic TV show Recovery, triple j, triple m, Channel [V] and many more notable organisations across Australia and the world. 

Jane says that La Trobe enabled her to broaden her ambition.

"There was a certain sense at La Trobe that you [could] do anything. "They were the best three years of my life – without a doubt." Jane said. 

“I love just the diverse range of people that were here. It was a real slice of the real world."

There was a certain lecturer that left a lasting impact on Jane. 

“My favourite lecturer - you could tell he loved what he did and that really resonated with the rest of the class. I’ve never forgotten him. I would love to see him again and just say thank you … He was a great teacher."

Jane said that if it wasn't for her acquiring a Bachelor of Arts from La Trobe, then she wouldn't have landed a job at BBC's Broadcast House, which kick-started her career in media.

"There was no way [the Broadcasting House] would have let me in. [My degree] was my passport into an amazing organisation."

Arts, social sciences and communications

Last updated: 17th June 2019