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Helen Fazzino

Bachelor of Economics, La Trobe, 1987

Managing Partner, People, Partnerships and Culture at PwC

Helen Fazzino is Managing Partner, People, Partnerships and Culture at PwC.

She holds a Bachelor of Economics from La Trobe University, and is a member of the Class of 1987.

Helen was the first of her family to attend university.

“I came from a recently immigrated family," Helen said.

"No other members of my family actually had the privilege of going to a university.

For Helen, La Trobe was a "pivotal" part of her life.

"It’s the place where I learned to learn," she said.

“I have wonderful recollections of days spent in the ‘Ag’ where people connected. I remember a sense of freedom.

"I look back on that as not only formative, but probably the warmest and the happiest days of my life.

In her role in People, Partnerships and Culture at PwC, Helen is an expert in identifying key employee values. She believes that La Trobe students always carry select principles with them. 

“I think the thing that I always know whenever I see a student from La Trobe University is… a little bit of grit and resilience, and the love of innovation," she said.

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Last updated: 8th March 2019