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Dr Geoff Raby AO

Bachelor of Economics (Honours), 1977
Master of Economics, 1981
PhD in Economics, 1991

Chair and CEO of Geoff Raby & Associates

Dr Geoff Raby is an Australian economist and diplomat. He currently runs a Beijing-based business advisory firm. 

He holds a Bachelor of Economics (Hons) 1977, Master of Economics 1981 and a PhD in Economics 1991 – all at La Trobe.

Geoff chose to study economics in order to understand society.

“The discipline and focus that was required to produce [a Masters degree] set me on the course I eventually took," Geoff said.

After completing his Masters, Geoff began working in the economics division of the Chinese Embassy, which saw him working closely with then-Prime Minister Bob Hawke. 

Geoff said the coursework he learned in La Trobe's economics degree became quite beneficial in the role.

“What I’d studied at La Trobe, where in those days no one else really taught, was things like comparative economic systems," he said.

"I knew nothing about China, but I knew how such economies perform and the issues that were thrown up by that process.

 "No one else in Canberra did. So my career in Canberra got off to a spectacular start."

Geoff's extensive and successful career was acknowledged when he was among the first group of alumni to receive a La Trobe Distinguished Alumni Award in 2008.

“I was the first distinguished alumni that La Trobe appointed, so it’s a very big honour and a very big responsibility," he said.

"I’ve been privileged, but the biggest privilege I think I’ve had is the background in education I got at La Trobe that equipped me to do what I’m doing.”

Distinguished International Business and commerce

Last updated: 16th October 2019