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Dr Eddie Custovic

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Hons), La Trobe, 2007
PhD, Engineering/Space Physics

Academic and industry project manager

Dr Eddie Custovic is an academic and industry project manager in the School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences at La Trobe University. 

He holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from La Trobe, and is a member of the Class of 2007.

Eddie was born in Bosnia & Herzegovina, before living in Switzerland and Germany for extended periods. He migrated to Australia in 1995.

“I arrived to Australia in 1995 with my family as a refugee from a war-torn country," Eddie said.

"Coming to university, I found it very easy to work with professors who also understood where I was coming from [and] the difficulties that I faced [with] English being my second language. But at the same time, providing me with ample opportunities to succeed at the University."

Eddie says the proudest moment of his career is winning the Telstra University Challenge with a group of his students.

"We developed a fetal monitoring device for the third trimester of pregnancy," he said.

"Given that Australia is such a developed country and yet has such a high proportion of stillbirths, it was very inspirational for my students and I to deliver a product in less than 10 weeks that was able to then solve a global problem. 

"That project is now being commercialised here at La Trobe University and we’re working very closely with the Royal Women’s Hospital."

IT and engineering

Last updated: 24th May 2019