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Catherine Arlove

Bachelor of Physiotherapy, 1993

State Manager, MLCOA

Catherine Arlove is an inspirational leader in sports and a transformational leader in the health care industry.

While building her career and completing her education, Catherine represented Australia in Judo at three Olympic Games, three world championships and a Commonwealth Games. 

She has held various national and international roles in the sport including the inaugural Judo Federation of Australia, Athlete's Commission 2002 and National Selector, Judo Federation of Australia.

Throughout the period where she was balancing her education, career and sport, Catherine says judo "kept me going every single day."

“I love my sport and I’m so passionate about my sport," Catherine said. 

“I went to my first Olympics when I was 29, so in Sydney. At that time, I was highly ranked in the world, doing really well. But I didn’t really cope with the pressure and, of course, that just spurs you to go on and try again.

“My goals were to just fight the perfect fight. Fortunately or unfortunately, I found that my level was at the Olympics … so I had to wait every four years to do that.

Catherine's significant community service achievements include inspirational leadership in the Australian Judo community, serving as a selector and on the Athlete's Commission. 

A dedicated volunteer sports coach and administrator, Catherine has run many training camps and coaching sessions for young athletes and delivers school-based programs on goal setting and self-esteem.

Catherine said La Trobe has had a "huge influence" on her learning.

I’ve found La Trobe is … just more inviting, it’s like a big hug.

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Last updated: 9th May 2019