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Mr Andrew Abercrombie

Bachelor of Economics, 1976

Founding Director, The Abercrombie Group

Andrew Abercrombie is a leading Australian entrepreneur and renowned advocate of corporate philanthropy.


Notable Positions:

  • Founder and Chair, FlexiGroup
  • Former Victorian Liberal Party Treasurer
  • Co-Founder and Executive Chair, Flexirent

Emerging from a successful career in commercial law, Andrew co-founded a small vendor-finance business in the 1980s and transformed it into the major international company, FlexiGroup. Today, FlexiGroup is an ASX Top 200 company, having achieved phenomenal success through organic growth, acquisition and product innovation. 

Through the Abercrombie Family Foundation, Andrew has supported community and philanthropic endeavours with the same vision and energy he has applied to his business pursuits. He is a generous benefactor to a range of causes including the arts and medical research.

Andrew has lent his business acumen and influence to a range of community organisations with executive board commitments including Zoos Victoria Foundation Board, the Florey Institute of Neuroscience Board and the Menzies Research Centre. 

He was also a board member of the Mt Buller and Mt Stirling Alpine Resort Management Board, dedicated to the sustainability of Victoria's fragile alpine environment.

Andrew began studying an economics degree at La Trobe University in 1974 and praised the unique and diverse culture of the campus.

"La Trobe was quite alternate in 1974," he said.

"I was very comfortable here. I liked the multifarious attitudes, individuals and passions. It was a pretty cool place."

"Diversity is also the essence of a great society. In a perfect world, a great society and great university give the right people the right opportunity to end up in the right place in life.

“La Trobe offers the opportunity for young Victorians to get a fabulous education. La Trobe has all the characteristics to be one of the finest universities in the world."

Distinguished Business and commerce

Last updated: 17th June 2019