Provider Resource: Supporting Care Relationships

Client: Department of Human Services Victoria

Centre: Lincoln Centre

Start year: 2008
End year: 2008

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The aim of this project was to produce a booklet to assist aged care service providers to optimise their capacity to support carer/care recipient relationships: 1) Increased awareness among aged care service providers of service innovations and approaches that have been proven to support carer/care recipient relationships, including: Key innovations in respite service delivery; Approaches to support the transition from home to respite and/or residential care; Restorative approaches which encourage the adoption of behaviours that promote health and wellbeing for both the carer and care-recipient. 2) Renewed interest and increased uptake of successful service innovations among aged care service providers. 3) Improved support for carer/care recipient relationships in the community; to assist carers to continue providing high quality informal care for the care recipient.