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Let’s vaccinate our way back to campus

To return to the campus experience that our staff and students love so much, and that we have sorely missed throughout the pandemic, it is vital that we all get vaccinated.

As a public-spirited University with a global reputation for excellence in our health disciplines, including public health, we also have a leadership role to play in demonstrating our commitment to the health not just of our staff and students but of the communities around us.

Students or staff attending clinical settings or work placements in healthcare facilities and education need to provide proof they have had their third dose or scheduled booster in line with the current Pandemic Orders. For more information see:

If you aren’t already vaccinated, we strongly encourage to book an appointment and help us all return to the La Trobe life we love.

We’re incredibly fortunate to have safe and effective vaccines available for COVID-19 that reduce the risk of severe illness. Bringing the vaccination rate as close to 100 per cent as possible amongst staff and students will enable us to get back to a vibrant on-campus life as soon as possible.

Vijaya Sundararajan
Professor of Public Health, La Trobe University

Why get vaccinated?

Vaccines are highly effective at preventing serious illness and death from the COVID-19 virus and have some effect on limiting transmission.

COVID-19 vaccines strengthen your immune system by training it to recognise and fight the virus. When you get vaccinated, you are protecting yourself and helping to protect the whole community by slowing down the spread of COVID-19. Visit the Department of Health's website.

COVID-19 vaccines available in Australia are safe and effective. They have been strictly tested by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, and have been administered to hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Visit the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Victoria's website.

How to get vaccinated

  • speak with your GP or healthcare provider
  • book an appointment at your nearest vaccination centre by calling the Coronavirus Hotline on 1800 675 398 or using the online booking system.

For more information about getting vaccinated, visit COVID-19 vaccines.

Additional information about vaccination arrangements for La Trobe staff is available on the intranet [LTU login required].


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