Find a research supervisor

The first step in applying for a Higher Research Degree at La Trobe Law School is to find a supervisor. Our research supervisors and their main fields of expertise are listed below. You will find more information about each supervisor on the relevant staff profile page, and are encouraged to contact the supervisor directly to discuss potential supervision. If your proposed research project does not appear to fit within the listed areas of expertise, please use the Online Enquiry Form and your request will be directed to the School Graduate Research Coordinator for consideration.

Dr Lola Akin Ojelabi

Alternative Dispute Resolution; Access to Justice; Conflict Resolution; International Peace Law.

Mr Tobias Barkley

Tobias teaches and researches in private law including property, equity and trusts.

Dr John Bevacqua

Commercial Law and Taxation

Professor Jianfu Chen

Professor Chen specialises in international and comparative law, international business and trade law, human rights law, globalisation and law, and Chinese law.

Ms Pascale Chifflet

Criminal Law and Justice; Human Rights and International Law; International Criminal Law; Procedure and evidence

Dr Laura Griffin

Human Rights and International Law; Law and Society; International Development Law; Migration and Citizenship; Feminist Legal Theory

Dr Emma Henderson

Criminal Law and Justice; Human Rights and International Law; Law and Society; Feminist and Critical Legal Theory; Law Reform and Legislative Process

Ms Magda Karagiannakis

Criminal Law and Justice; Human Rights and International Law; International Criminal Law; Health and Medical Law

Dr Fiona Kelly

Family Law; Law and Society; Law, Gender and Sexuality; Assisted Reproduction; Health Law; Lesbian and gay parenting; single mothering by choice

Professor Patrick Keyzer

Dr Patrick Keyzer is Head of the La Trobe Law School and Chair of Law and Public Policy. Criminal Law and Justice; Human Rights and International Law; Public Institutions and Administrative Law; Constitutional Law and Policy; Preventative Detention

Dr Jill Murray

Associate Professor Murray is an expert in Australian and international employment law.

Professor Mary Anne Noone

Access to Justice; Ethics in Mediation; Clinical Legal Education; Health Justice Partnerships; Legal Professional Responsibility.

Mr Anthony O'Donnell

Anthony researches and publishes in the areas of labour law and labour market regulation and social security law and policy. Law and Society; Employment Law; Labour Market Regulation; Social Security Law and Policy

Ms Hannah Robert

Family Law; Law and Society; Legal Parentage and Sexual Reproduction; Legal History

Dr Francine Rochford

Commercial Law, Consumer Law; Law of Negligence; Water Law and Policy

Ms Nadia Stojanova

Nadia's research interests are in employment law. Nadia is particularly interested in the legal regulation of workplace bullying. Nadia has published in this area and in the area of permitted deductions under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth). Nadia's current PhD thesis is on the legal regulation of work

Dr Savitri Taylor

Dr Savitri Taylor is the Director of Research in the School of Law. Her own research interests include Australian and international asylum seeker and refugee law, policy and practice. Human Rights and International Law; International Public Law; Asylum Seeker and Refugee Law; Legal History

Dr Marc Trabsky

Law and Death; Law and Society; Legal Theory; Legal History

Dr Steven Tudor

Criminal Law and Justice; Law and Society; Jurisprudence; Law Reform and Legislative Process

Dr Ann Wardrop

Banking and Finance Law and Regulation

Dr David Wishart

Commercial Law and Taxation; Competition Policy; Corporate Social Responsibility; Neoliberalism; Citizenship; Indigenous Persons and the Law