Australia-China Student Forum

The Australia-China Student Forum (ACSF) is an exchange forum to Chongqing University, which aims to create a vibrant, intercultural platform for the youth of Australia and China. Together, we will enhance cultural diversity awareness and to develop cohesive understanding through a series of academic and cultural activities.

This forum is jointly organised by La Trobe University (Confucius Institute and School of Social Sciences), and Chongqing University, China. It is funded by the Office of Chinese Language Council International (Hanban) who are an organisation affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Education.

It was developed following the success of the ACSF – Beijing, which was previously organised by La Trobe University (via the Centre for China Studies), Peking University and Beijing Foreign Studies University.

The Objectives of the ACSF

The objectives of the ACSF are as follows:

  • To advance knowledge and enhance interest in international study through a deep exploration of a wide range of significant issues affecting both Australia and China,
  • To facilitate communication among the future leaders of Australia and China, and
  • To enrich the learning experience and encourage students to undertake in-country studies, both in learning another language and gaining greater intercultural understanding.

ACSF 2017

The details for the ACSF will be available soon.

Historical ACSF Program

ACSF 2016


If you have any questions regarding the ACSF, please contact Carol BA +61 3 9479 6507,