Our Values

In 2012, as part of the development of the University's five year strategic plan 'Future Ready'  we articulated a set of values.  We developed these values through a consultative process involving many La Trobe staff. The five values guide everything we do.

At La Trobe University we:

  • Take a world view
  • Pursue ideas and excellence with energy
  • Treat people with respect and work together
  • Are open, friendly and honest
  • Hold ourselves accountable for making great things happen

La Trobe University supports free speech and the right to peaceful protest

Consistent with our organisational values is La Trobe’s support of the right to free speech by all students and staff of the University.

Throughout its history La Trobe has encouraged all those who learn, teach or undertake research here to play an active and vocal role in their community and in the future of the University.  Social engagement and participation is part of our DNA.

Without question all students and staff at La Trobe have the right to peaceful protest. Debate – and dissent - is healthy, and the La Trobe community rightly thrives on rigorous and spirited discussion about the University’s direction.

La Trobe University will not, however, tolerate any protest in which there is violence, or which features threatening and intimidating behaviour. The University has a responsibility to protect the safety and wellbeing of the many students, staff and visitors to our campuses.

La Trobe University is committed to gender equity and diversity

La Trobe is pleased to announce that work to implement the SAGE Athena Swan Charter at La Trobe, which will help us create a more gender inclusive and diverse workplace, is underway.

La Trobe is one of forty Australian universities, medical and publicly-funded research agencies taking part in this prestigious national program. However, La Trobe is one of only two institutions that have committed to apply the Charter's principles of gender equity, diversity and inclusion of underrepresented groups across all of our disciplinary areas, not only in science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine (STEMM). As a university we are proud of our commitment to positive change and our ambition to do more than just the minimum.

La Trobe signed up to the Athena Swan Charter because we need to play our part in driving the transformational change that is needed to address gender inequality in our communities: women comprise more than half of science PhD graduates and early career researchers, but only make up 17 per cent of senior academic positions in Australian universities and research institutes. While this problem is not unique to La Trobe, as a university we are determined to play a leading role in striving for substantive equality. For more information about Athena Swan at La Trobe click here.