NHMRC Successful Grants to Commence in 2016

Project Grants

Doctor Irene Blackberry (La Trobe University, Rural Aged Care - JRI)

In collaboration with:

Associate Professor John Furler (The University of Melbourne)

Application title: General Practice Optimising Structured Monitoring To Improve Clinical outcomes in Type 2 Diabetes: GP-OSMOTIC T2D

$864,980 over three years

Doctor Gavin Williams (La Trobe University, Adjunct Associate Professor Office of Allied Health) and Professor Meg Morris (La Trobe University, Head of School Allied Health, Office of Allied Health)

In collaboration with:

  • Professor Louise Ada (The University of Sydney)
  • Associate Professor Adam Bryant (The University of Melbourne)
  • Professor John Olver (Monash University)
  • Doctor Ross Clark (Australian Catholic University)
  • Doctor Leanne Hassett (The University of Sydney)

Application Title: Improving mobility after traumatic brain injury with ballistic strength training

$661,430 over four years​

Doctor Toby Phesse (La Trobe University, School of Cancer Medicine)

In collaboration with:

  • Professor Elizabeth Vincan (University of Melbourne)
  • Professor Nicholas Barker (Institute of Medical Biology, Singapore)

Application Title:  Fzd7 as a therapeutic target for gastric cancer

$732,008 over 3 years

Professor Hylton Menz, Doctor Shannon Munteanu, Doctor Karl Landorf, Doctor Jodie McClelland (La Trobe University, School of Allied Health)

Application Title:  An innovative treatment for first metatarsophalangeal joint osteoarthritis

$289,398 over 3 years

Professor John Mariadason (La Trobe University, School of Cancer Medicine)

In collaboration with:

  • Professor Wayne Phillips (Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre)
  • CIC - Associate Professor Oliver Sieber (The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research)

Application Title: Role of the EHF transcription factor in regulating the differentiation status of colon cancers

$621,950.00 over 3 years

Doctor Agus Salim (La Trobe University, School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences)

In collaboration with:

  • Professor Marie Reilly (Karolinska Institutet, Sweden)
  • Professor Sven Ove Samuelsen (The University of Oslo (UiO))

Application Title: Cost-effective Development and Validation of Risk Prediction Models: Methods and Applications

$157,322.00 over 2 years

Doctor Rommel Mathias (La Trobe University, School of Molecular Sciences)

Application Title: Blocking Human Cytomegalovirus: Targeting Host Organelle Remodelling and the Viral Assembly Complex

$553,477.00 over 3 years

Associate Professor Anne Holland (La Trobe University, School of Allied Health)

In collaboration with:

  • Professor Christine McDonald (Institute for Breathing and Sleep)
  • Professor Ajay Mahal (Monash University)
  • Professor Richard Wootton (Norwegian Centre for Integrated Care and Telemedicine)
  • Professor Jennifer Alison (University of Sydney)

Application Title: Telerehabilitation for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

$697,942.20 over 4 years

Professor Kay Crossley, Professor Hylton Menz (La Trobe University, School of Allied Health)

In collaboration with:

  • Associate Professor Trevor Russell (The University of Queensland)
  • Associate Professor Anne Smith (Curtin University of Technology)Doctor Natalie Collins (The University of Queensland)

Application Title: Can shoe inserts reduce the burden of kneecap osteoarthritis?

$644,549.70 over 4 years

Partnership Grant

Doctor Helen McLachlan, Professor Della Forster (La Trobe University, School of Nursing and Midwifery), Doctor Michelle Newton, La Trobe University

In collaboration with:

  • Professor Sue Kildea, Master Health/University of Queensland
  • Associate Professor Cecily Freemantle
  • Ms Jennifer Browne, Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation
  • Associate Professor Susan Jacobs, Royal Women's Hospital
  • Professor Jeremy Oats, Royal Women's Hospital and University of Melbourne
  • Associate Professor Susan Donath, University of Melbourne and Murdoch Children's Research Institute
  • Doctor Catherine Chamberlain, University of Melbourne

Improving the health of Aboriginal mothers and babies through continuity of midwife care, $1,496,531.75 from NHMRC plus partner funding of a further combined cash contribution of $892,222.

Industry partners include Goulburn Valley Health, The Mercy Hospital for Women, The Royal Women's Hospital, The Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation, Western Health (Sunshine Hospital).

Translating Research into Practice Fellowship

Associate Professor Natasha Lannin (La Trobe University, School of Allied Health)

Pushing and Pulling Evidence into Practice: Implementing Best Practices in Upper Limb Movement Therapy after Acquired Brain Injury.


Early Career Fellowship

Doctor Clare Ardern (La Trobe University, School of Allied Health)

Back in the game: helping people successfully transition back to sport and active recreation after injury.